Game Reivew – Ghost Recon: Future Solider


Time to finish up this triplicate review of the games that are eating my time up alive (and just in time too E3 it today (Holy crap really?)) So without further ado – Ghost Recon: Future Solider




High on action but low on plot (at least at the beginning) the game’s heroes are an elite form of infiltration and neutralization specialists that use tech and tactics to complete their goals. The original Ghost Recon team (I assume) was killed by a WMD after stopping a black market weapon’s convoy. So now the player and three new solders take up the mantle of Ghost squad and take on the original’s mission to stop the illegal weapon shipments into war torn countries by finding out who’s in charge –  and if possible (and you know they will) get revenge for the original squad’s death. Future Solider maybe new to the series line but it’s very similar to the Advanced Warfighter titles – by using tech and digital interfaces to engage and defeat opponents. However this time around they’re playing it real, meaning not every enemy will be highlighted in red automatically. So enemy detection will be tricky, also they can sneaky up on you if you’re not careful. Enemies are smarter too; they use cover and positioning like pros and will advance on your position before you know it. Fortunately you’re part of a squad, meaning they’ll be three other soldiers (CPU or Player) that will help you fight or draw fire. Add to the fact that all Ghost members have access to the tech and gear that makes smart phones look like steampunk; then you quickly realize that 4 against whole armies won’t be so bad after all.


Like I said before Future Solider won’t be the most riveting story you’ll ever hear (read one Tom Clancy novel/video game…), but the gameplay this time has been improved and I’m thankful for that. Advanced Warfighter was good but it was a little too easy, enemies were easy to see, easy to kill and basically wrap up the whole campaign in an hour or so. In Future Solider however the enemies are a real challenge and won’t be easily put down, gadgets help but aren’t the end all for fighter fire. This game also excels at the one thing I’ve wanted Modern Warfare to do for years: true multiplayer weapon balancing. F.S. weapons all have a purpose, and not just for cheap kills. From stunning to suppressing they invoke a rock-paper-scissor element to the battlefield to make sure no one weapon can rule them all. Also they allow the weapons to be customized, but to a well-detailed degree that no one weapon online well be the same as another. I only wish when playing multiplayer we weren’t confine to 3 tier classes, and then only allowed two respect token to reconfigure our opinions if we want to try different abilities for the classes.





All and all Ghost Recon: Future Solider is more than a suitable sequel to the Recon legacy. It offers challenges for more serious minded players to test their skills on both single and multiplayer. The story you can basically ignore, and Guerrilla mode too, since you can’t play that online – I’ve tried (of course if you can play it online, please let me know because I’m stumped). There are also some lag in certain multiplayer games I’ve played but that few and far between. Basically if you like military shooters with a slight edge in the sci-fi realm but really tried of anything to do killstreaks, noob-tubes, and not working as a team online then by all means give Future Solider a try. I can promise you all two things however: one) UAVs are your greatest friends and your worst nightmare and two) you better work together with your team otherwise you’ll bring the team down – on your head.