E3: Electronic Arts Press Conference – Game On


Electronic Arts, or EA, is probably the largest, non-console related developer, marketer, publisher and distributor of games today. As such (and because they don’t have a console to bump) they’ll be talking about games – mainly their cash cows, which is good as far as I’m concerned. Anywho, let’s get his analysis started:




Dead Space 3



EA starts off strong with the reveal of Dead Space 3, now with co-op multiplayer. It had some impressive moments like fighting a huge berserking drill and being swallowed huge berserking bug-like thing (also quickly exploring its digestive system – which is also impressive and a little gross). Now I’ve never played Dead Space before (I know right space zombies and sci-fi action, should be a natch for me), as a game series it never appealed to me. Maybe because it reminds me of Aliens, or maybe because the only way to kill the ‘Necromorphs’ (aka Space Zombies) is to blow off their limbs that, somehow, makes them weaker (which, by the by, seems to have went out the door in Dead Space 3 as Isaac, the main character, is blowing them away easily with assault rifles). Whatever the reason did the Dead Space 3 play-through trailer make me want to play it? Not really. Was it impressive enough for E3? Of course it was. Will the full game make the fans happy once it comes out next year? Most likely.




Madden 13



Before EA was EA (at least to me), it was EA Sports. And at that time I only knew one game they were famous for: Madden (as opposed to now where they’re famous for absorbing game companies, I kid I kid). So it came to no surprise to me when they spend half their time talking about the next upcoming Madden 13. Pimpped out and fully loaded is the best way to describe this game as it comes with a whole mess of new features. From how different hits generate different outcomes in plays to Legacy career modes, it seems like Madden 13 will be the total package. They even got Michael Irvine to help color commentate the gridiron experience for the crowd. So the Madden series might be as old as some gamers out there, but there’s no sign of it ever slowing down – now or in the future.




Sim City (Social and 2012)



Now here’s an I.P. I haven’t heard in a while. Before it was recreating the life and times of human kind (The Sims) there was Sim City. Giving people the ability to create cities and run them as they like. Well people it seems that they’re making a comeback as two new Sim City games was announced at the EA press event. Sim City Social will be a game on Facebook and Sim City 2012 (I added the 2012 part) will be a PC game. Both versions will be multiplayer and affect other player’s cities around yours but the PC version will look significantly better. I never saw myself as an architect but hey why not give it a try, I might be good at it: Armadavile, got a nice ring to it right?






Battlefield 3 Premium



Now Battlefield 3 is out and going strong, so to keep the momentum up they announced a Battlefield 3 Premium DLC pack. It will provide current players new stages, events, weapons, vehicles, customization options, and the kitchen sink (not really) all for $49.99. Lucky PS3 owners can buy it right now and get crackin but Xbox 360 & PC got to wait til next week. As for me I  still got Future Solider to keep me on my toes, so I’m good.




Star Wars: The Old Republic updates



Yeah boi, now we’re talking. The old republic is still one of my favorite games even after months of constant playing. Why? Because BioWare (and by association EA) has kept up with the updates and patches that help improve the game overall. Well in a few they will release a massive new update that will not just fix bugs and graphical errors. A new space mission, new species, higher lvl cap, new operation, HK-51 companion (FINALLY, YES! Meatbags will die, indeed), new warzones, and even a new world to explore. The only real downside is that we got to wait for this, I want my killer robot now.




Metal of Honor: Warfighter



This must be the year(s) of the military shooter because they’re making their runs on the show floor. It’s Metal of Honor: Warfighter’s turn and honestly besides being impressive looking it just the sum of all military shooters out today. Nothing about it looks all that original or new, but if you’re a fan of Metal of Honor series this play through demo is a beautiful sight indeed.





EA Football Club



Not to be outdone by American football, EA also introduced with their Fifa 13 the EA Football Club. The long and short of it is that it provides previous players of Fifa 12 full character transfers to 13 free and easy. It also allows fans to play Fifa on a tablet and track your stats throughout your career. Too bad it still doesn’t make soccer games more fun to play (I kid, I kid! Please Futball fans don’t riot my house.)




Need for Speed: Most Wanted & Crysis 3



EA wraps up their conference with two final demos: Need for Speed: Most Wanted & Crysis 3. I played Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and it was good but it was no Burnout. Now from what I can tell they’re trying to combine Burnout Paradise with Hot Pursuit to create Most Wanted. That is a good idea if it works out. My complain is that they should’ve made a new Burnout Paradise and went for the sure thing. As for Crysis 3 I have high hopes for it but that bow and arrow thing reminds me of Turok the Dinosaur Hunter. And wasn’t the best of shooter… Kind to think of it, didn’t Lara Craft use a bow in arrows in her trailer the other day too? Crap…








EA’s conference was much stronger than Mircosoft’s by far and kept things well rounded for the ‘Hardcore’ Audience. However the only things they were missing was new I.P.s to wet our teeth on. Don’t get me wrong I understand that the gaming industry is, just that, a industry; but EA you can tell me you could risk at least one outside the box title for us? Oh well, next year.