E3 Ubisoft Press Conference: Excellent titles + Annoying hosts = Ubisoft Press Conference


Ubisoft was the next publisher/developer on the docket for that day and in all honestly was the best Conference of the show, I mean it too. The games they showed were awesome and even the ones I said I would never play have miraculously got me to change my mind (not an easy thing to be sure) once I saw them in action. It would have been perfect too… However they had 1980’s throwback dancers (and not in a good way), a rapper with a tiara microphone (Flo Rida), and Aisha Tyler of Archer fame (LANNNA!) pared up with spaztic stereotype of a video gamer (Toby (or Joe) ‘Tobuscus’ Turner) who told very unfunny jokes. The last two were the hosts… They are just got-dang lucky the games were good, that’s all I got to say. Let’s get started:








Far Cry 3



You know I played Far Cry 2 before; the game was long, unending bore. It took forever to get anywhere, it was unclear what to do when I got somewhere, and character’s personalities led to nowhere. So when they announced Far Cry 3 I mentality said ‘Pass’ and left it at that. But when I saw the trailer on Vaas’s definition of insanity that really impressed me enough to maybe give FC3 a shot – however trailers often lie to make games (and movies) look better than they actually are so I held fast to my original decisision of not playing FC3 – that was last year. This year’s the trailer was not only excellent (if not a little tippy) but they explained the plot and the game’s a multiplayer affaire. Well I’ve tried to resist it people but no long – I’ve got to play this game when it comes out (even if they got you using bows and arrows (what is up with bow and arrows this year in E3 anyway?)).


-They showed a Splinter Cell Blacklist Trailer here, but since we talked about his already I’m just going to move on –






Avengers: Battle of Earth



The Avengers was great movie. So great that here at Armada it took five days to review it, so now what’s next? Product placement and diversifying of course; enter this quick trailer of Avengers: Battle of Earth. It just shows heroes fighting villains, then a big UFO in the air, and that’s it so they didn’t give much info on the game in question. Hopefully it will be good, because Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance spoiled us all and the general comic book gameters won’t just take at old thing anymore.





Wii U powered Rayman Legends



Now Rayman Legends has been out of a while now and many people who played it (not me because I already played DKC:R so that’s practically the same thing) found it fun and enjoyable. So why is it here now? Because this version is powered and controlled by the new Wii U system (available someday L) The presenters showed how the new character, controlled by the Wii U controller, can interact with the foreground, background, and even enemies to help the other players make their way forward. All very good, but it reall gets epic at the near end of the stage. I don’t want to spoil anything so I can’t say much but it’s something you just got to see. As for me: this was another game I wasn’t going to play because of the fore mention reason above but thanks to the demo I think I will. Plus since I didn’t play it before all of this will be new to me, so yeah everything is coming up Milhouse.


-Then they show many different game trailers for the Wii U including Zombi U, which we well talk about in the Nintendo press conference so moving on-  




Assassin Creed 3



What would be an Ubisoft conference without everybody’s favorite lineage of assassins? This time around they show the ‘new world’, the enemies you’ll be fighting, and how you interact with both. The world is sandbox but very realistic looking and feeling; the main character’s movement animations changes constantly by angle, surface and speed on how he’s moving. The enemies are equally fleshed out, but they’re not too smart, because they attack only one at a time while the rest sit back and watch. Still and interesting peek of ACIII.


– What follows is an non-impromptu, impromptu FPS e-sports 3 on 3 competition between Aisha’s Rocket angels and Tobuscus’ Railgun Allstars. Boring and a waste of time so moving on (but if you’re a masochist go up to the beginning of the post and watch the second clip –






Truly they saved the best for last: CTOS/Watchdog, a game that is an open world beauty. The city, the setting, the people – all a mystery; but for the few moments I saw in this trailer I could tell they had more personality and life in them an 100 GTA knockoffs  plus GTA (that’s right I said it). For as far as I can determine the main character here has an axe to grind (don’t they always) and wants to take out somebody who’s wrong them in the past. Sure he can fight, sure he can use a gun but his greatest weapon is technology. Literally in the palm of his hands he can crash superphones, stop stoplights, know your every secret, and more I’m sure. The trippy thing is that even when he got his target and was running from the cops it revealed that he’s only small part in the bigger picture. This trailer made the show for many and it’s easy to see why. It’s like Person of Interest, the Punisher, the Matrix, the Green Lantern corp, and City Hunter all in one. If there was next evolution in action games this is it.







So yeah Ubisoft won this year even though they had far less to show compare to the others, quality over quantity wins again. In fact they would have gotten a perfect in they didn’t annoy me so bad with Aisha & Toby’s intermittent comedy routine. I don’t know jack about the other guy but Aisha is much better actor than this, so next time Ubisoft hire better writers. You know what? Just give me a call; I’ll take care of everything and only for a modest fee.