E3: Sony Press Conference – Systems check



Darn we were doing so well, having awesome games to see and enjoy. But now with the Sony Press Conference it’s back to the hardware stuff, yawn. Well to be fair most of the games they do show are pretty sweet but do they save Sony? Let’s find out.




Beyond, two souls



Heavy Rain was an excellent well-tailored title that emphasizes two things; extremely good graphics and an intensely dark story. It accomplished these two goals now Sony, the Developer of said game, is going to try and catch lightening in a bottle again with their latest project: Beyond, two souls. The main character Joanie Homes doesn’t seem like much but she hold quite a bit of power behind that small frame. Who she is, how she got such devastating powers, what’s her goals, who she’s talking to, and why are the po-po after her? Never addressed, but I do know this if this game is as half as good as Heavy Rain then we’re in for a treat people.




PlayStation Allstars: Battle Royal



Ah yes, an obvious Super Smash Bros clone, but I’ll allow this because it’s not like Mario is ever to going to show up PlayStation. Anyway the rules are simple: you three other players beat the stuffing out of each other using the biggest names in PlayStation. Whoever’s the less beat up out of the four wins. Simple right? Well it’s not so simple when all chaos breaks out on you in the form of thief canes, blades of Athena, and *shudder* folds of prince fat. Never mind the three headed hydras and clown death machines that spring out of nowhere. By all that is good I love video games…




Hardware update and apps


Well just like Microsoft, Sony announced that the PS3 is going to have multiple hardware updates and applications added to their console. And just like the Microsoft conference when they talked about non-gaming stuff I’m too bored to describe these new features so I’m just going to list them with links attached. Wake me up when games show up.


PS3 & Vita Crossplay

PSN Games

PlayStation Plus

TV Online Services

Music Unlimited

PlayStation Mobile




Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassifed



Unleash the expanded universes, that’s right if you wanted to know even more about the characters and titles that have been around  for years Sony was the one to talk – to starting with Black Ops declassified for the PS Vita. Of course wasn’t a trailer or any info so I don’t have an opinion on the subject – moving on.




Assassin’s Creed Liberation



Well this at least had a trailer, ran only 42 seconds but still. The presenter said that liberation was tailor made for the Vita as it takes advantage of its touch controls, camera functionally (whatever that means). But for most fans I assume the biggest selling points of the game is a hot (or empowering) female assassin and the ability to trade ‘cross goods’ between ACIII and Liberation thanks to Crossplay. Everything else should be the same gameplay expereice as you would expect from Assassin Creed series.


– From here they two demos of ACIII and Far Cry III respectively, but of course we’ve already talked about them and since they don’t offer anything new here it’s moving on time again –




PlayStation Move: Wonder Book



By now everyone knows my opinion on PlayStation Move, but I’ll give them credit they keep on trying. This year it’s a folder able flat surface like looks like book, so it’s called the Wonder Book. Basically it just another augmented reality peripheral, and that’s it. With it they announced two titles that take advantage of the Wonder Book: Diggs Nightcrawller (no trailer, no info outside of it being a cross between 1940’s noir and bugs…Ok…) and Book of Spells (who collaborated with famed Potter author, J.K. Rowling, in its creation). They showed the peripheral in action by playing Book of Spells, its shows effects, a small dragon, CGI pop up stories, and of course taught you how to cast spells. This wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t rip of  Sorcery, a  premier PlayStation 3 move game from two years ago. And guess what, Sorcery has a much better demo than Book of Spells did. Why try to create fire and blast paper bugs, when you already have mastered fire and used it to nuke evil goblins into submission? Nice try Sony, but this is boring.





God of War Ascension



Ah Kratos, will the Gods ever leave you be. In a long demo it show the former god of war doing what he does best: killing the sheez out of everything and everybody. The combat hasn’t changed much: stab, rip, repeat. However it seems Kratos has a new, controller time, which is pretty neat despite the fact the player used it sparingly. Then I got to thinking: is this game another PS Vite number or is it of the PS3 and  a continuation of the series somehow. I’m not sure (no info again, thanks Sony) but I’ll find out then I’ll get back to you all.





The Last of Us



Speaking of no info people. I’m going to be honest here, I know very little about this game but I do know of it. People and critics seem to think it’s the new hotness, the game made the cover story on Game Informer. But for me I don’t see it; I watch it again and again and I’m only able to get that it’s a survival title, your character and some girl are making their way through a city ruins, fighting either smart zombies that can use weapons or mercs/savages – and that’s it. I mean it was nice that the girl helped in fights (distractions and backstabs) but that isn’t enough to justify the heat this game seems to be gain. Well I’m going to find out more about this game and offer a true opinion on it at a later date.







Sony’s Press Conference was a very middle of the road affaire showing strong games and a few new titles, but lagging me down boring hardware stuff and providing very little info on games that could interesting (or at less confusing). It wasn’t bad but it could have been better, C+.