E3 Aftermath: Nintendo 3DS Software Showcase – You will believe a game can fly (off the screen)


Well people E3 maybe over and done with the coverage for Video Game Armada keeps goings. Now that I’m finally done with all the major conferences I can focus on the show it itself with free abandon – well almost. See there’s one more press conference from Nintendo to critique, the Nintendo 3DS Software Showcase. The general press conference was good but ended on a, uh, decaf note, so hopefully this Showcase will fill in the gaps.





Castlevania: Lord of Shadow – Mirror of Fate



Castlevania: Lord of Shadow – Mirror of Fate (three titles, really?) was first game on the show floor. It has a new cast of characters but one stood out – Alucard. In what capacity, I don’t know but you know he and the Belmont family only have one thing common: destroying the famed bloodsucker Dracula. Speaking of which, this game will explain why the Belmont family are the only ones who can destroy Dracula (even though it doesn’t seem to take). The game looks good and fight mechanics very well detailed. I see a lot up sleepless nights for anybody who picks up this game, myself included.




Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion



Epic Mickey was great hit on the Nintendo Wii, so much so that it inspired two new games for the current consoles: Epic Mickey 2 in general and Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion for the Nintendo 3DS. Epic Mickey: PoI is no port in any way, shape, or form but instead it is its own story. Basically a spiritual successor to Castle of Illusion (Starring Mickey Mouse) where a witch kidnapped Minnie Mouse to steal her youth (this sounds more and more Banjo-Kazooie) – Mickey Mouse stopped her of course. In PoI the witch is at it again, but this time she’s trapped in the wasteland (the setting in the Epic Mickey universe) and the only way to escape is this take character’s hearts (think Kingdom Hearts –ese, like, whatever) and use them to propel her and the castle to real world. So once again it’s up to the epic hero to put evil down and save the day (and his friends). This will be an awesome game because similar to the first one focusing on the forgotten cartoons of Disney’s past; this title will focus on Disney’s past video games and boy are there plenty of those, I can’t wait.




Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance



Speaking of Disney games; here’s Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Is it just me or does it seem like the Kingdom Hearts game have lost their edge? I mean look at DDD here it still has all its flashy attacks, interesting characters and of course Disney. It has new features too like flow motion finishers and street pass functions; but somehow it doesn’t bring the boys to the yard like it used to. I could be wrong though.





Scribblenauts Unlimited



Likes its big brother the Wii U, the 3DS it also getting Scribblenauts Unlimited. Both versions are near identical, both uses interactive to create objects, both are in an open world setting, both have two player co-op. The only difference between the two is that the 3DS version is portable; so you’re never without a chance to scribble – the cravings on the road are the worst.





Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon



You people should know I’m a Mario man all the way, with Wario coming in a close second (Darn it, where my Wario Land sequel?!); but I’m finding a new respect for Luigi. Sure he’s scare of everything and has perpetual bad luck, but if he had more confidence in himself then not even bowser could stand up to him for long (Mr. L WTF). In the first Luigi’s Mansion, despite his overwhelming fear, he went into a haunted mansion to find his mission; I’m not quite sure why he’s going to multiple haunted mansions this time around; but hopefully it wasn’t to find Mario again (sometime he’s the one getting kidnapped just to mix it up).





New Super Mario Bros. 2



Up until the point coins only served one purpose in traditional Mario games and that’s to get 1-ups; in New Super Mario Bros. 2 it becomes the focus. Greed is good people as everything in this adventure is only to further the cause of making you rich. Defeating enemies, busting bricks, and even enhanced powered ups (Golden Fireflower anyone) causes fountains of coins to erupt. You can even work to together with another player to get as rich as two people can possibly get without breaking Mushroom kingdom law. Which by the way, where’s freaken Wario? Hording vast amounts of treasure is his shtick. If he doesn’t make it into this game I’ll have to wag my finger at Nintendo for missing a golden opportunity (pun totally intended).





Paper Mario: Sticker Star



Now I’d only played one other Paper Mario (for the Wii) before and it turned out to be fun and enjoyable; so I hope Paper Mario: Sticker Star also brings the awesomeness. A turn based battle mechanic (similar to Super Mario RPG), Mario attacks are only activated through the use of stickers. Each one does a unique skill or ability that can put down even the strongest enemies. The stickers can even affect the world outside of big as only some barriers can be removed with stick power (it’s a lot less wimpy than it actually sounds).  After seeming the play through demo I’m confident that this game’s another hit in Nintendo’s camp; but I hope the advertising department is ready for a challenge: ‘Paper Mario: Sticker Star’ sounds like something who give to your littler sister.








The Nintendo 3DS Software Showcase was a good addition to the Nintendo line up at E3 this year. I think it would have been best to include it in the Nintendo press conference, why they didn’t I’m not sure. It got a little random at the end there, but I’m not going to complain because they brought the games as a good game company should.