The just in (Or not) –Diablo III real money auction houses goes live in the states


The dungeon crawling dynamo Diablo III (try saying that three times fast( say ‘that’ doesn’t count either)) was perfect launch all things considered expect for the fact that the real money auction houses were unavailable – no longer. As of yesterday Blizzard activated the real currency option to be used at the game’s auction houses. Meaning that rare cudgel of oblivion just sitting around in your inventory can be now sold for actual physical money. Now there are rules, regs, and conditions but the possibilities are endless. A new economy has just been borne people, get out there and kill, kill, kill then sell, sell, sell.



What would Wario do? You know, make him proud.




E3 Aftermath / My picks of the show – Retro City Rampage


The 80’s I although I was too little to enjoy it property I still remember it fondly, but do you know what I liked about it the most (I’ll give you two guesses and the first two don’t count)? Video games of course; ah Bionic Commando, Mega Man, Metal Gear, Spy Hunter, Contra, Smash TV, I remember them all. I often wonder how well those games would do if they played like, for example, Grand Theft Auto. Well thanks to the good people at Vblank Entertainment Inc. I no longer have to wonder. Taking control of the slicked back main character, called The Player’ (a real stretch right?), players (you, as well as the main character) go on an unending p0wning spree in ‘Theftropolis City’. Unfortunately the EVIL GOOD GUYS always try to keep you down, it’s a good thing they’re so easy to punch and set on fire.  Retro City Rampage is an old school looking game that’s pure fun and chaos. If modern games with all their stats, complex customization options, and war and peace like dialogue getting to be little much then this game is perfect for you.