E3 Aftermath / My picks of the show – Human Element


Hey people, remember at the tail end of the PS3 press conference where they showed the game “The Last of Us” and I said what I thought of it but also said I would do more research and give my true opinion on it at a later date. Well guess what, today is that day and I got to say I’m underwhelmed. From story to characters (what there is at this point) everything been done before in other zombie apocalypse titles and doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. Sure it looks pretty and the A.I. might be quicker but it’s not enough to stand out from the pack. I’m sorry guys but the Last of Us is last place in the survival genre as far as I’m concerned. Now does that have to do with today game pick? Well as it turns out “Human Element” is also a zombie survival game, but unlike The Last of Us that’s just satisfied with a facelift, Human Element gives the whole zombie outbreak shtick an overhaul. Check it; in the game zombies aren’t the big, bad, immortal killing machines other games portray them as. Oh sure, they’re still walking dead but let’s face it people: zombies are ugly, stupid, slow, targets that would be a little threat to no one if they didn’t group up with other zombies. However in our culture zombies are more frightening than death itself. As such to this day, individuals and even entire groups of people are preparing for the day zombies come shuffling down the street. So in essence the true power of zombies is the fear they provoke and that, my friends, is what Human Element is all about. Set 35 years after a global zombie outbreak, players must survive in a world not ravaged by the undead but by people driven by fear to survive – at any cost. That alone is enough to make this game a real class act, but players can choose how to survive (action, intelligence or stealth) and even their social relationship (individual, partnered up, or with a kid a la ‘Last of Us’). Human Element sounds like a dream come true, so what’s the catch? Well this game is a couple of years away from seeing the light but day, let’s me tell you people something, it’s worth it. I’ll be keeping a very close eye on this one and you all should too.