That’s Gamertainment – Meet the Pyro (finally!)


Well people after five years of humorous bloodshed, online chaos, and hats upon hats upon hats we FINALLY get the last ‘Meet the’ video from Valve: the Pyro. For the uninitiated I’m talking about Team Fortress 2, game that became a hit several times over and thanks to its dedicated fan base, humor, excellent gameplay, and unapologetic violence it’s going to be around for a very long time. However hands down the best thing about the title is its colorful characters, and I’m not just talking about their rendering. I’m not quite sure  how they made mercenaries and assassins who, at their core, do only one thing (fragging fools), and virtually have no back story in game – be such interesting characters. They show the complexities of these soldiers of fortune through an ingenious way, through quick interview videos (and why they’re doing it in that fashion is explained in their semiannual web comic). So to celebrate the greatness that is Team Fortress 2, Video Game Armada is not only posting the long waited ‘Meet the Pyro’ video but all the Meet the videos while we’re at it. No longer ‘cry some more’ people, we have come full circle at last – Enjoy!:



Meet the Heavy





Meet the Soldier





Meet the Engineer





Meet the Demoman





Meet the Scout





Meet the Sniper





Meet the Spy




Meet the Medic






And now… Meet the Pyro



Wow, just wow… Also I guess we’re not going to get an answer on the Pyro’s gender are we? No. Didn’t think so…







E3 Aftermath / My picks of the show – Dust: An Elysian Tail


Ok people, Dust: An Elysian Tail (the actual site link is down) is a game starring an anthropomorphic cat samurai, and fly furry dragon fairy thing, and a living nihontō. The colorful world in which they live is filled with demonic beasts, bomb eggplants, giant rock golems, and tasty cupcakes. Now what if I tell you all the game (from concept to coding) was created by just one guy (Dean Dodrill if you were wondering); sweet Christmas people, sweet Christmas. So yeah this game takes me back to adventuring side scrollers like Castlevania and the Legend of the Mystical Ninja where you explore the world, fighting baddies, solving puzzles, and buy new gear from mysterious vendors. An Elysian Tail seems to hold true to all those classic elements and update a bit by adding impressive visuals and awesome fighting action. All I got to say if one Dean Dodrill could make an impressive game like this, then a hundred of them could rule the world. It’s a good thing cloning technology isn’t perfected – yet…




This just in (Or not) – swtor 1.3 update goes live



Hey people, real quick, the Star Wars: Old Republic 1.3 update, entitled Allies, went live yesterday. What that means to you is that now the game has a Group Finder tool for Flashpoints and Operations. And that means LFG’ing on general chat and pm other players like a beggar are a thing of the past. Just put in your role to play and what Flashpoints and/or Operations you want to run and, BAM, the tool searches all over the game for like-minded (yet different roled) players top run the Co-Op missions with you. So sure they have other things too like Legacy Perks, Adaptive Gear, and what not; but everyone knows that the Group Finder tool is the star of the show. So get back out there and finish those ops people, you find finding a group for the Eternity Vault mish not so hard to do anymore.