Trailer-rama – The Expendables 2


You know, you wouldn’t think a movie comprised of aging stars would be entertaining – BUT YOU’D BE WRONG!!!1 The Expendables was a white knuckled (but totally predictable) thrill ride of a movie that enjoyed all the corny but heart pumping conventions of 80’s films gone by. It had the unique advantage of having almost every well-known (or at least familiar) action star in it including Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, and the former governator Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now the movie wasn’t perfect and a lot of the stars had only bit parts but all & all it was worth the money to see it. Now the sequel promises to be big, badder, and more action heroes doing what they do best: blow crap up! Sadly no Mr. T or Wesley Snipes but I won’t hold that against them – for now…




Trailer-rama – Taken 2


Liam, liam, liam… Don’t you ever take a break? I mean in recent times you’ve become: a Jedi master, a master assassin, a wolf puncher and a one man slavery ring wreaking crew. All you need is to sign up for Expendables 3 and your career would be complete. But until then you can take on vengeful terrorists in Taken 2. After saving his daughter from indentured servitude  Neeson’s character must now protect his family from the father of the main bad guy in Taken. Will they succeed? Probably not. Will Liam Neeson kill them all? Most def, the only question is how many will go down this time.




Trailer-rama – The Hobbit


You know what people? Forget Harry Potter, forget Twilight, Lord of the Rings is the one true new fantasy classic of our era. Sure the LotR movie trilogy has come and gone almost 13 years ago but those movies have more heart, style, and substance than the examples I’ve named and said to forget about. Well guess what? The brilliant minds who created those movies are going to remind you all why they’re so awesome by taking us to the beginning with a brand new telling of ‘The Hobbit’. This predates all the others movies by showing the grand adventure of one Bilbo Baggins and how it ties to the discovery of the one ring. Normally I dislike prequels but since The Hobbit actually came out before the Lord of the Rings books it’s all good – plus the trailer is viewtiful.




Trailer-rama – Dredd 3D


Next up is Dredd 3D, now this movie is based on the comic book (2000 AD) character known as Judge Dredd. He is a cloned super cop who brings law and order in a dystopian future; was makes him unique (outside the whole cloning bit) is that he (and all cops in his reality) have been given Judiciary powers. So not only can he arrest someone, but he can also judge them and then execute sentencing all at the same time. Of course is a future bad off as the one he’s living in, Dredd doesn’t usually deal with embezzlers or jaywalkers but rather giant mutants and the embodiment of Roman emperor Caligula. There was a movie called ‘Judge Dredd’ back in the 90’s and it was one of my personal favorites; I highly recommend watching both the original film and Nostalgia Critic review of it – both are equally entertaining. So as you can tell I’m glad to see the Judge back in action in the trailer (and the upcoming movie in September); the only thing that I didn’t like is that the new Judge Dredd costume is a little bulky. Take a look for yourself.




Trailer-rama – Man of Steel

Technically there are two versions of the same trailer – this one’s called the ‘Jor-El’ trailer because it has Superman’s genetic father narrating it

You know, between ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ movies are getting more and more epic this year. Not only with comic book characters either, all sorts from established books to sequels of previous awesome films. So I decided to post the trailers of movies that should be on the public radar, because despite on how the actual movies turn out on opening day the trailers are good enough to give it a chance: First up, Man of Steel (a.k.a. Superman). So after the “final” movie of the Dark Knight trilogy Christopher Nolan must’ve said to himself: “Hey – doing a brooding Superhero was fun, let’s try Superman!” and boom Man of Steel is in post-production. Now I’m not quite sure if this is a sequel to ‘Superman Returns’ but I highly doubt it; like ‘Batman Begins’ this will probably be a fresh start (story wise) for red caped wonder. Will the same tricks used in the Dark Knight be used here, or will this series follow its own path to cinematic greatness? For now all we have to go on is this tease of a trailer(s) – enjoy!



And this one’s called the ‘Jonathan Kent’ trailer because it has the father who raised him narrating it




Movie Review – The Dark Knight Rises


Well, as promised, the bare bones review of the Dark Knight Rises movie. Sadly this one might lack some of the excitement this awesome movie deserves, but hey we were all tired after a hard day of reality. But as constant pros we never let something like mechanical failure or fatigue keep us from getting our opinions out there. Enjoy!




This just in (Or not) – New Mass Effect 3 multiplayer pack ‘Earth’


Continuing their explanation/apology tour of ME3’s ending they released another free multiplayer DLC called Earth. This one focuses on, what else, Earth, with three location on Earth, some new weapons, and six elite human classes in total. I’ll give BioWare credit if no one else will, they’re keeping the multiplayer fresh. I thought for sure it would’ve been an afterthought after a while, but nope, between operation weekends and these free DLCs the Muliplayer plays on. What’s that? You say Gold is no longer a challenge for you? Well guess what? Along with the goodies of the Earth DLC it also comes with a new Platinum difficulty level which is your nightmares personified. The killer A.I. of the Gold level is still there but this time all the multiplayer enemy groups (Geth, Cerberus, and Reaper) you’ve fought separately -will now be working to together. That’s right; you will see Banshees and Phantoms working towards your mutual destruction. And that’s only one possible draconian combination within the Platinum difficulty – challenge at your own risk. Finally along with this DLC there’s another that great many people are waiting for, the one that explains the ending for the series. Don’t worry my take of the whole thing is soon coming; til then enjoy Earth – err you know what I mean.




Wow, Really… – Denial Care rap


Ok, this one comes from Blu, and honestly I’m not quite sure how to go about this. Basically the fine people at the Oregon Dental Association decided to take a unique route on informing kids of proper oral health care: by producing a rap video entitled ‘Teach Me How to Brushy‘. This is a PSA, no doubt about that; it cheesy, corny, and smacks of playhouse Disney. However it’s gaining quite a bit of popularity and its Cinematography is actually pretty decent. Plus I’m for anything telling people to brush their teeth more often; there are far too many people with stank breath in the world today (and you know who you are –, Listerine, Cool Mint, it’s a good thing). Anyway, enjoy.




Games & Gear of 2012 Reloaded – Pokémon: Black and White 2 (10/7/2012)



People I’ve been a Pokémon trainer for as long as I can remember, I still have my original Red version cartridge in the bows of my gamer legacy vault – I’ve almost played them all. And in all that time nothing like this ever happened: a sequel. Every single version of Pokémon always started fresh with new characters, new gyms, and even a new region; but in Pokémon: Black and White 2 in continuing a story set in B&W. Two years after the events of the first games actually; the Unova region has changed and has more to offer than before. Remade locations, familiar characters, new mysteries to unlock,  and of course more new Pokémon to capture. They’re even including a new way to capture Pokémon now called Dream Radar; using your 3DS camera you get to search for the little beasties in our world. Once you find and capture them you can send them to B&W 2 and unleash Pokémon power the world has never seen before! Mwa ha ha!  So yeah, I can’t wait for this game to drop; my only real complain is that you can’t continue from your previous trainer from B&W – it has all my pimped out Pokémon. Oh, like the song says I gotta catch them all – again.




E3 Aftermath / My picks of the show – Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two


Well people it’s been long ride hasn’t it? This is my final E3 aftermath pick and I saved the best for last. Epic Mickey last year (well technically a year and so many months) was daring project by Warren Spector and Junction Point Studios for the Wii. It wasn’t perfect (the camera mainly) but it proved that Mickey Mouse can still shake up the gaming market with great story telling, challenging gameplay, and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (that guy is awesome). So when they premiered Epic Mickey 2 at E3 this year all I said was: “No freaken duh.” In this adventure Mickey returns to the Wasteland of Yen Sid (huh? I wonder if they’ll use the first game’s data to keep continuity straight (yes I know the sequel will be available for all consoles, but still, the people who played the Wii version should still get that courtesy at least)). With the Shadow Blot (should be the Phantom Blot, but whatever) iced the only baddie left is the Mad Doctor and his Beetleworx robots. Fortunately Mickey doesn’t have to deal with him alone; Oswald, equipped with and all-purpose remote control can aid his brother from another mother in combat and puzzle solving. The Power of Two also adds a slew of new improvements to series like voice acting, camera controls, visuals, and even locations; but I’m just psyche to play as Oswald. So much so that even though Mickey is the main character, I’ll pull someone off the street to play him and I’ll have the lucky rabbit all to myself: advantage Boss Bronze.