E3 Aftermath / My picks of the show – Borderlands 2


Borderlands was the sleeper hit of the year (2009); a combination of colorful graphics, a wide open world to explore, customizable class characters, and an endless assortment of weapons to use on numerous assortment of enemies. It was glorious and spawn four (count them, four) DLC to lay siege upon. Sadly you can only kill so many ‘Superbad Psycho’ or find so many orange level ‘Eridian Mega Cannons’ before you realize there is nothing left to conquer. And before all hope seems lost they announced Borderlands 2, which is a big deal. With a new story, new characters, and 87 Bazillion new guns (not an exaggeration, even though it sounds like it) the good times will be here again 2 months for now.





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