Games & Gear of 2012 Reloaded – Pokémon: Black and White 2 (10/7/2012)



People I’ve been a Pokémon trainer for as long as I can remember, I still have my original Red version cartridge in the bows of my gamer legacy vault – I’ve almost played them all. And in all that time nothing like this ever happened: a sequel. Every single version of Pokémon always started fresh with new characters, new gyms, and even a new region; but in Pokémon: Black and White 2 in continuing a story set in B&W. Two years after the events of the first games actually; the Unova region has changed and has more to offer than before. Remade locations, familiar characters, new mysteries to unlock,  and of course more new Pokémon to capture. They’re even including a new way to capture Pokémon now called Dream Radar; using your 3DS camera you get to search for the little beasties in our world. Once you find and capture them you can send them to B&W 2 and unleash Pokémon power the world has never seen before! Mwa ha ha!  So yeah, I can’t wait for this game to drop; my only real complain is that you can’t continue from your previous trainer from B&W – it has all my pimped out Pokémon. Oh, like the song says I gotta catch them all – again.





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