Trailer-rama – Dredd 3D


Next up is Dredd 3D, now this movie is based on the comic book (2000 AD) character known as Judge Dredd. He is a cloned super cop who brings law and order in a dystopian future; was makes him unique (outside the whole cloning bit) is that he (and all cops in his reality) have been given Judiciary powers. So not only can he arrest someone, but he can also judge them and then execute sentencing all at the same time. Of course is a future bad off as the one he’s living in, Dredd doesn’t usually deal with embezzlers or jaywalkers but rather giant mutants and the embodiment of Roman emperor Caligula. There was a movie called ‘Judge Dredd’ back in the 90’s and it was one of my personal favorites; I highly recommend watching both the original film and Nostalgia Critic review of it – both are equally entertaining. So as you can tell I’m glad to see the Judge back in action in the trailer (and the upcoming movie in September); the only thing that I didn’t like is that the new Judge Dredd costume is a little bulky. Take a look for yourself.





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