Trailer-rama – Borderlands 2


Yes people the Fall of Games is coming once again, a magical time where all game developers, publishers, and companies break out their killer app games in order to grab your attention (as well as your dollars) for the holiday season. This year’s lineup maybe lacking in numbers but not in quality. Take Borderlands 2 for example, they have another trailer showcasing the big bad this time: Handsome Jack. Now he’s your typical take over the world type of character, but he does have ‘character’ which is always a good thing. Sure he’ll shoot you in the face and/or back, but at least he’ll do it with a wit quip. So many bad guys in games lately are either serious, angry, or both; which is boring. With Jack here I hope it herald’s the return of the antagonist that you want to shoot not just because they’re evil and done evil things; but because they’re arrogant jacka**es who thinks their drek don’t reek – like Handsome Jack. I can’t wait to shut him up for good, but I’ll miss him.





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