A moment of gaming reflection – Mann vs. Machine (TF2 Co-Op)


I love the new Mann vs. Machine mode in Team Fortress 2 (review pending); the carnage, the oil spray, the rage quitters who leave after losing one round in Mann Up mode (ok, so I don’t love that so much). As great as this mode is however it still suffers from glitching up every now and again. Crazy wait time for servers to open up, loss of sever connection during a game, lag, and more were present at launch. They were annoying sure, but in some ways they were hilarious. Case in point: finishing up the 3rd wave of Mannworks here, a Demo blew a Deflector Heavy all the way up into a bridge above – then it actually got stuck there. Sure it could still see and shoot us, but it couldn’t movie and as luck would have it he had the bomb. After having a good laugh at its expense and clearing out the rest of the bots we put it out of its mutated misery. Like most glitches found this one will be neutralized by Steam in futures patches, but on this day you can believe a robot can be one blown into a bridge by black scottish cyclops and phase into it by wacky programing – and that just makes me smile.


You can see the rest of the pics here.




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