Game Review: Dragon Age Legends – The Fall of Games have begun again


Ah yes people, my favorite time of the year (ok second favorite) has finally arrived: the Fall of Games. Sadly after going over my notes a lot of my games I’ve been looking forward to have changed their release dates – making months or next year before they’ll see the light of day. But worry not, once again Video Game Armada brings the goods – from very unexpected sources. Let start with Dragon Age Legends.




A direct sequel to the flash strategy game Dragon Age Journeys and a some what prequel to Dragon Age II; Legends starts with a group of warriors, wizards, and archers fighting against the series special brand of bogymen: an Abomination. Lead by Viscount Ravi victory was theirs with the unexpected assistance of a small child – the player. So years later the Viscount rewarded him/her with a castle and a title; but before the party can begin news reaches Ravi that his son, Eiton, has disappeared. So with that the adventure truly begins with you, the Viscount, and his allies setting forth to find Eiton – and in turn discovering more than they bargain for.



Dragon Age Legends is part sim, part turn based RPG. On the road you’ll meet monsters, darkspawn, abominations, demons, and more. You character (ether a warrior, thief, or mage – which you can further specialize later ala other DA games) and two other party members of your choosing (you can add more up to six if you pay coins (more on that in a minute)). After your party’s set up you take turns with the enemy in phases; whoever’s characters are still standing wins. The enemy has numbers and the unknown but players have a lot on the side in combat as well: skills, allies, and various items will tip the scales in your favor. Now skills you learn through battle and allies you gain throughout the story, but items (mostly) from weapons and armors to potions and bomb are obtained at your castle. Right, I bet you thought that castle you got at the beginning there wasn’t going to have a part to play, but you’d be wrong. While your character’s busting heads out there, your castle is generating income in the form of coins. Those coins in turn can be used to buy new gear for your character or improve your keep to do more for you like create potions, bombs for your use. Heck, create some special rooms in your castle and you’ll get new allies to help you in your quest. Neither the Warden nor Hawke had a dragon as a party member, but if you play your cards right and made enough space for a giant sized roost that pleasure will be all yours.





A simple looking game that won’t blow anyone away in the way of action, sound, or character development; there is also a lot of guess work in the combat system too – not exactly knowing how certain attacks work and the game doesn’t explain it simply either. However it is a free flash game that is simple to install and if you’re a fan of the DA series then this will be right up your alley. If you’re not into flash, RPG’s, Dragon Age, or castle building then you won’t loose much sleep skipping this title.





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