This just in (Or not) – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 5 announced… And will be localized!



Ladies and gentlemen remember almost a year ago I made the called to bring back Phoenix Wright (and all games that pertain to that series) to the western countries, translated, and enjoyed by all. Well I’m glad to say my words didn’t fall on deaf ears as many gamers felt the same way I did. So in what I imagine was an onslaught out pouring of emails, letters, and phone calls to Capcom for the lucky loser lawyer’s return – they had no choice but to cave it and give the people what they want: hail democracy! Gyakuten Saiban 5 (Ace Attorney 5) takes place one year after the events of Apollo Justice; Phoenix Wright gets his legal badge back and thus his ability to practice law. Sadly instead of celebration this moment his over shadowed by the destruction of a court room and the one accused of the crime is a high-school girl. So you know where this is going – Phoenix Wright takes the case to defend her and try to put here innocence, but does still got the skills to pay the bills? Now when this announcement hit, it was unsure if this game, like so many others in the 90’s, would make it in the west. But rest easy, Capcom will send this title our way and more information will be available as it happens. This is wonderful news people, before you know we’ll be solving crimes and dealing in court casesinvolving psychics, clowns, the mob, ghosts, and corrupt people in people before we know it. No objections here.






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  1. […] know when I (and many gamers) made the call to bring Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 5 to the rest of the world &…. Not only was it was a pretty neat cause and effect but it gave me the idea for a new segment […]

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