This just in (Or not) – G4 Rebranding in 2013, ‘TV 4 gamers’ is truly dead.


I’m got to make this quick because if I don’t it will be just a long rage fueled rant on what’s wrong with the universe. In 2013 the network that was for gamers and geek culture, G4, is being re branded for the ‘modern male’. Well you know what, @#$+ that *^$%! That kind of thinking had destroyed the once great channel years prior, my very first article on this site was on how they’re focusing their target audience to male viewers like ‘Spike TV’ – and that was FOUR YEARS AGO!!! To suddenly announce that you’re ‘rebranding’ G4 into something that it already is like being a dead horse! And what G4 is, and will continue to be apparently, is failed culture experiment. A channel that could have been an institution, a legacy for everything good and awesome in our world; but thanks to the ignorance’s of those in power, sticking their poop shooters in everything and knowing NOTHING about what made G4 special, they turned it into just another walking dead in the vast wasteland of television. I hoped in my heart of hearts that the G4 of old would return to us, but I know now that will never be. Now my new wish is that another G4 would rise from the ashes and bring forth a new network that not only gives us the gaming goodness we want, but the gaming goodness we deserve for all these years. Ok I’m done, rant over.


Goodbye old friend, you deserved better.


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