Vid Tips – Pandora Survival in the Borderlands



Well people today D day, meaning the day to pick up your copy of Borderlands 2 (yes!), which is something I’ll be doing the first change I get. However there are a bunch of players giving the Borderlands series a try for the first time. Pandora’s a trip and coming to it for the first time can be very painful without a little guidance, so the following here are some of my collected knowledge & strategy of my time spent in the first game. Yes, I know the 2nd game maybe different from the first, but from what I researched the core mechanics are still there so these tips are good. If nothing else it will help you die less.


Know your character classes: Seriously, this is more important now than it was in the first game. In Borderlands the classes were different sure but they were only good for dealing damage. Which is good and bad for many reasons; however in this sequel the classes are finely tuned and actually have roles on the battlefield. The Gunzerker can bring the pain but also tank enemies to keep the team protected; the Siren is a controller keeping enemies suppressed or confused but she’s also a decent healer if spec’ed correctly; Commando is a true DPS taking out mobs of enemies with his turret(s) – heck he can upgrade it with a nuke effect every time its deployed so yeah there you go; but of course no classed based game would be complete without  a massive single DPS assassin which the game also has (funny enough you can choose to take that role up close or through a sniper scope). Find a class that resonates with you and go for it, just make sure you know what you’re getting into.



Know your Gun: With 87 Bazillion Guns at our disposal this should be obvious, but again people just want to use the most powerful they can, not realizing the difference of the guns and the Manufacturers who made them. The difference between a Jakobs shotgun and one from Maliwan can make all the difference in a fire fight. Jakobs is the higher caliber weapon on paper; however Maliwan attaches elemental effects to all their weapons and that’s a definite plus against enemies’ resistance to non-elemental damage. Fortunately for us players we get up to four weapon slots to customize our arsenal with; so for the love all things good and awesome don’t be a brand loyalist – try new things!


Know your mods: Like the guns, the Manufacturers also affect the mods you use. Mods, if you didn’t know, enhance your grenades, energy shields, and even your class stats in unique, sometimes unexpected, ways. You got to decide which is most useful to you and your combat roles because you’ll need every advantage you can get as the weight of Pandora starts bearing down on you.



Kill, kill, kill!: Now most guns you can buy from the venders or get as rewards for completing quests. We all know however all the really deadly goodies are hidden on or in the baddies we take down. What’s more the higher level monsters often have the best gear to loot. So the bigger and badder the beastie is, the more likely your get that purple, gold (not orange, gold), or dare I say, pearlescent item of your dreams. Of course in order to get those high valve targets, more often, you’ll have to join with others players online. Which brings me to…


Putting the Co-Op back into the Co-Op: Now I know everyone want to show everyone else online that they are quote/unquote ‘Badass’, but running into a pack superbad midget psychos, popping to off your abilities (not spec’ed well might I add) too soon, then dying doesn’t nothing for the team but leading the little anklebiters to us. And since we’re a lame man down we die too – thanks a lot! You want to avoid this then work with your team, know what they’re capable of, watch each other’s backs, communicate, avoid being petty with loot and you’ll go far. Mass rage quits are the #1 killers of online play, don’t let this happen to you.


Keep this tips in mind and you too can survive to horrors of Pandora, the find the new vault and put Handsome Jack in his place.







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