Armada’s 3rd annual Pirate Appreciation day (Arr)!


I hope yer buckles be fully swash matyes on accoun’ o’ ‘t’s Armada’s 3rd annual Sea dog Appreciation tide. As a follow along t’ th’ famed, but also infamous, Talk like a Pirate Day we here at th’ Video Game Armada love sea dogs (more the’r fictional counter parts, than th’ genuine article –fer obvious reasons) an’ what they did contribute t’ society. So nay only do we talk like sea dogs on this tide (on th’ site an’ in real life – that’s th’ rule) but talk about sea dogs in general. Why? ON ACCOUN’ O’ WALK TH’ PLANK IF WE DON’T ARRR! Enjoy.


Now we kick off our 3rd annual Pirate Appreciation day festiveies with the theme of the Crimson Pirate, composed & played  by the City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra


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