Game Preview – Resident Evil 6 Demo


The Fall of Games is really coming on now; new expansive sequels are taking  over our lives (Guild Wars 2 & Borderlands 2 respectively), a sweet new console coming  around the corner (Wii U), and now this, the Resident Evil 6 Demo. Just to recap; you took down the evil Umbrella corporation, wasted an deranged cult (and saved a president’s daughter), and even took down insane eugenics mastermind Wesker in a volcano with rocket launchers. So you think  the world would be safe and Zombies went the way of the dodo, but nope. This time around unknown enemies are systematically attacks major (yet some of them fictional) cities with a biological weapons that infected most of their populace with, you guessed it, the zombie virus – including the president of the free world. So now old vets and new characters must team up to save the world the from a true Zombie Ragnarok. Sounds familar, yes! Still awesome, yes! Is there a demo to play now, yes! Get to it.




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