Game Review – Skullgirls

TrueBackLash is back again people. Sorry for my absence lately, I’d tell you where I’d went to all this time but y’know it’s a matter of national security. Right now I want to talk Skullgirls and yes I’m aware the fighting game has been for over half a year. But darn it you were promised a Skullgirls review, so it’s time for me to pay the piper.

Skullgirls takes place in the Canopy Kingdom, a place inspired in part by America during the 1920s-1940s time period. Fresh off a war against a powerful being named the Skullgirl, the three countries of the kingdom are now enjoying a tentative peace. Despite this, there is a sizable Mafia presence in the kingdom as well as rumors of a new Skullgirl coming to life. Certain people within the kingdom (all women/girls so far) seek to fight the Skullgirl with the goal to obtain the Skull Heart, a magic skull that can grant the user one wish. If the wish is impure then the wisher will become the new Skullgirl.

Of the nine characters in the game as of this review, eight are playable with the ninth being the new Skullgirl/final boss herself. Like BlazeBlue, no two characters look alike, act alike or play alike. Each character presents a unique fighting style to exploit, from Filia’s shotoclone inspired moves to Peacock’s keepaway games to Parasoul’s assist based tactics. Zombie catgirl Ms. Fortune gets an honorable mention for being able to fight, with or without her head on her shoulders.

In terms of the technical aspects, Skullgirls holds up pretty well. The game’s fighting engine feels a lot like Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in that they both have 3 on 3 combat, the ability to tag out to other partners and the ability to do insane air combos. There is also the ability to fight in bouts with uneven odds, though if the opponent is outnumbered, they will have more power than the 2-3 characters have separately. Graphically, this game is beautiful presenting unique anime-inspired character designs and awesome backgrounds all inked with vibrant colors. The voice acting is spot-on  and most of the tunes in the game are catchy.

The only downside in this game its that as of right now, there’s not much else to do once you beat story mode with all the characters except get more colors in arcade mode.


Skullgirls is a solid fighter with a style all it’s own. The price is right too $14.00 on PSN or XBL (converts to 1,200 Microsoft points). The issues that stops it from ascending  to greatness is it’s lack of features and overall content. The game just doesn’t feel finished in my opinion. That said, Skullgirls is a solid addition to PS3 and XBox’s fighting game selection. If you’re looking for a good game on the cheap, looking for a different type of fighting game, or you just want to see a bunch of cat fights, pick this game up.


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