Game Review – Borderlands 2


Now it’s time for the long awaited Borderlands 2 review. To be honest I planed on posting this last week but I got laid up in the hospital (long story). However I used those extra days to give this game a thorough play through and I’ve come to the conclusion that this sequel is a tough, unforgiving, adventure into a world of contain conflict and strife. At a drop of a hat you’ll eat dirt by some monster 5 lvls ahead of you because your weapons are 5 lvls below yours. Your enemies are unrelenting, the trials you face are fierce and the hazards are many but ladies and gentlemen – you’ll love every minute of it. Let us begin.





The story for the first game went like this: kill things, open a door to awesome treasure, fight the beastie inside the treasure door (no treasure inside either by the by), watch opened ended ending, the end. Sure there were DLCs here and there, but that was basically it. Fortunately Borderlands 2 is more than willing to fill in the gaps on what happened to the original vault hunter group and Pandora after the vault opening – sadly it’s not good. Apparently, and how exactly I don’t know, a character known as Handsome Jack took the credit of opening the vault on Pandora and in turn was credited on finding a new and power element called Eridium. This discovery made him rich and the company he owns, Hyperion, a serious force in the galaxy. Now they all but own the planet now and driven the original team underground. Jack however doesn’t plan to stop there, he want to grab ultimate power and believe its on planet somewhere. To make sure he’s the only one to find it, he’s been luring new vault hunters to the planet and killing them. Which is there our new cast comes from, all hailing from different walks of life and having their own reasons to finding the new vault. Axton, thrill seeking soldier looking for the next big challenge; Maya, a powerful siren who wants to find her true purpose on the chaotic world; Zer0, cybernetic ninja/sniper who’s goals are his own; and Salvador, he shoots things –a lot. These four were the next in line of the Handsome Jack slaughter tour, but they survived and got away. So now the new vault hunters have a tall laundry list to address: find the new vault, find the old vault hunters, destroy Hyperion, save Pandora, and of course kill Handsome Jack – a lot.



Borderlands 2 is the grand love child of adventuring, role playing (somewhat), and first person shooter genres. While most of the time you’ll be shooting something, this game has tons of hidden gems to keep you busy – such as customization. For each character players have three different skill trees to work with. They can finely tune different abilities within the trees to make the perfect character for their play style. Players can also change the look of their character class, because what’s the use of setting people on fire with your mind if you can’t look good doing it. As an added bonus, certain costume pieces (and weapons) can change what the character says (or does) in battle. The world of Pandora is larger and more varied than it was first game; acid swaps, frigid cliffs, desert junkyards and more awaiting an eager vault hunter who wants to see sights and kill the things living there. Speaking of which – the enemies this times around are the sheez. I’m serious no two types are enemies fight the same, each one has their own tactics, tricks, and abilities that make shooting mobs challenging and enjoyable. And just to break the routine they’ll throw a ‘b@d a$$’ version of an enemy that are big, stronger, less vulnerable, and always fun to put down. Finally the weapons – they’re awesome! Most FPSes try to change up their weapons in unique ways or create new ones from the ground up however a shotgun is a shotgun no matter what. However in Borderlands 2, who makes the weapon (the Weapon Manufacturers, eight in all) will radically effect how the weapon functions. You’ll wish for more hours in the day to discover the countless ways of dealing damage. All this and a Co-Op and Game + options.







Yeah this is a no brainer here; Borderlands 2 is like the original but 87 bazillion times better. Better story, better weapons, better enemies, better settings, better characters (slightly), better action, better game. Play this game whenever you can and buy it as soon as possible, don’t even wait for Christmas – it’s that good. My only ‘one’ compliant is that I wish the game was longer, but hey that’s what DLCs (and Game +) are for. Thank you Gearbox, for once again affirming my love for video games let your creatively never end.





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