Ding! –– Mechromancer is live in Borderlands 2

Meet Gaige the Mechromancer: if she’s not killing you with a big robot then she’s killing  you a with a big gun. She’ll fit in just fine in Pandora.


That’s right Gaige, also known as the ‘girlfriend’ class (because of the ease of the character’s playing style), is now available for download and play Borderlands 2. Now if you all were like me and pre-ordered the game you were instantly joined into the Borderlands 2Premier Club; which got you not only Gearbox golden guns, a vault hunter relic, and a golden key but the ability to download the Mechromancer class for free. Sadly if you did not pre order the game you might have put some bills down to get this technological terror. I’ve spend some one on one time with her and I must admit having Deathtrap (her action skill) alone does make the game easier by comparison. That rocket powered rumbler is amazing; he can fly, hunt down enemies and destroy them almost single handedly. He even invincible and only is truly defeated when his 60 sec timer runs out. However what saves this class from being over powered is that the class tress themselves are double edged. For example the ‘Ordered Chaos’ tree is all about buffs and single DPS but at the cost of other stats and even health. The ‘Best Friends Forever’ tree is a safer choice for those not feeling daring but don’t expect to any real damage without Deathtrap. Finally the ‘Little Big Trouble Tree’ is all about status pain – if you like burning, melting, slagging or electrocuting this is the tree for you. These three trees here are for the experts, choosing which abilities will work best will separate the bots mastsa from the bot ‘last’sas. As for me; Gunzerking was fun, but I’m due for a change and Gaige has the right tools for the job. 2nd play through here I come.






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