Gameroween 2012 – Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Day 4)



For day four I decide on a more scarier choice, it is Halloween after all. Now the only question is what nightmare inducing character I should pick; gaming is no short of horror characters to choose from. I figured it would be best to pick a more current symbol of shrieks for this post, and then it hit me like a lightening bolt – it was perfect. Resident Evil 6… Itself. Yeah sadly this game was terrifying for whole other reasons; almost all across the bored reviewer agree that the game was quick time happy, had too many cut scenes, and was more a kin to a action movie than a horror story (though personally I like action films over horror). I was planning to play this game myself but still so I’m engrossed in Borderlands 2 (more on this in the next post) and DisHonored that I won’t be able to til next year. Anyway, with this suggestion you have two options: 1) make a sandwich board of the rez evil 6 cartridge box and wear it (but beware, people might want to rift you on the spot) or 2) wear your normal clothes, buy a copy of the actual game (return it later) and go as a fan of the game (again beware of possible rifting). Either way no one will believe you are what you are, but will respect you for trying.



Well at least someone liked it, I think.

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  1. […] a couple of months ago posted a funny clip from the late night Conan O’Brien show during a mock review of Resident Evil 6 – it was funny. Now, not to be outdone, Jimmy Kimmel takes it one step further by participating […]

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