Gameroween 2012 – Video Game Characters that make awesome costumes (Day 12)



Ok people this choice comes from our resident creative type BacklashPaul Phoenix. Now I don’t really know much of the Tekken series because, in general, it sucks. However thanks to playing Street Fighter X Tekken, watching some reviews online, and Backlash himself come to find that Tekken in its later years has become very weird as well. Paul Phoenix is a perfect example of this; back in the day he was just your standard Ken Masters stand in. In that time he went broke, lost his dojo, ends up having a bear as his rival, and decided to fight intergalactic aliens as his new life’s goal. This guy was made for Halloween people; if not for his wacky, if not somewhat tragic, storyline, then for his hair alone. Even if he’s part of Tekken, anyone who decides to bare knuckle smack down the alien menace is ok in by book.





This Paul Phoenix was portrayed by Paolo M, an Aspiring Writer. He really committed to the bit by growing a goatee and coloring it Simpsons yellow. The scorpion tattoo is also a nice (but painful) touch.





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