Gameroween 2012 – Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Day 14)

* Sorry I didn’t post this yesterday but lost power during the storm, but hey twofer for today.





Well people is almost all hallows eve (unless it got canceled by Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy) and a lot of you don’t think my choices are quote-unquote scary enough so here: Diablo from Diablo series. Let see Diablo is the demon lord of terror whose chief responsibility was to sow terror and fear in the world and send all life to the Burning Hells. What else? Oh yeah, he was the mastermind of an inter-dimensional war between humans and demons, where using a woman he slept with and possessed their daughter that came of it, absorbed  all the most powerful demons in Sanctuary to become the ‘Prime Evil’. Finally with this power he brought hell to heaven and almost destroyed goodness forever. Of course the heroes won the day, but this wouldn’t be the first time Diablo took a dirt nap and I’m sure it won’t be the last. There we go people, never say I don’t give the audience what they want; now good luck trying to make this bad boy.





Ok I was wrong, apparently you can make the latest Diablo incarnation. Joshua Smith from made this impressive costume out of simple items. If you know this guy personally give him a hardy slap on the back for advancing cosplay technology about a 100 years.




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