This Just In (Or not) – Name which has not been named and change MMO history forever.

The nameless one


Happy Thanksgiving all, I hope you gamers out there are enjoying your day with your friend, family, and your thoughts. I know I am – but the Armada doesn’t stop (well sometimes it does) and if we have something to report on we’ll report. For today it’s about the upcoming MMORPG:  Elder Scrolls Online. Now we all know Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games are pretty static, a dare say timeless, until the end of said game. Whether that’s City of Heroes (R.I.P. we’ll never forget) or the massive multiplayer juggernaut that is World of Warcraft; that world, those characters become part our culture and thus immortal. The good people at Bethesda & ZeniMax Media Inc. is giving one lucky person a chance at immortally by naming the Nameless Mage.  What will you call this hapless hero (I think) Etherson, Æon, Oroborus, Tinky Muffin, whatever – if you win this contest the name you choose will endure the game’s lifetime and maybe even effect players quests.  So fight that turkey coma with some hot tea, Borderlands 2, and a good ol’ fashioned essay  – fun!




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