This just in (Or not) – Wintersday’s is coming to town


Ah the Holidays people, the holidays are here. And there are no better celebrators of various holidays than the MMO market. World of Warcraft alone has created a half dozen real worldesque holidays, but for today let’s focus on Guild Wars 2. The ambitious one-time pay then free to play MMO has already did a Halloween themed event, and the Thanksgiving themed event (sort of), so you knows what coming next – Christmas, of in GW2 continuity, Wintersday. Now don’t get me wrong I love Santa, but Toymaker Tixx gives presents in multiple days instead of just one. And again Santa is traditional with his slay, but Tixx has a  massive airship toy workshop which is just awesome. I wish I lived in Tyria… Well we can do the next best thing between December 14 to January 3 and play there (and get some free holiday swag to boot).



In other news…



So in other worlds its like a normal Wii but smaller, has no wireless internet or online functionally (which is fine – remember video game console), and it only available in Canada (for now). No offense Nintendo but I’ll stick with the Wii U all the same.





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