Sweet Chirstmas! – Moses vs Santa Claus



Now I know I’ve put into links and embedded into my posts of this subject, but now I like to formally announce it. *Ahem* Hands down the most enjoyable and episodic videos on YouTube is Epic Rap Battles of History. Created by musician comedians Peter Shukoff (Nice Peter) and Lloyd Ahlquist (EpicLLOYD) they pair up fictional/non-fictional and/or dead/not dead figures and have then rap off to see who’s the best of the two. Not only are they entertaining and funny, but they’re thought provoking as well providing facts to the competitors that the average views wouldn’t know – and all in rap form. That’s talent! Thanks to them I have a fantastic Holiday theme post to show:  Moses vs Santa Claus. The latest video matches up God’s messenger and liberator of slaves against the hardest working man in gift giving. Now you would think Santa would take this one easily, but that’s before you find out Moses is Snoop Lion, formerly Snoop Doggie Dog. Win people, win. Enjoy!





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