Games & Gear of 2013 – Lego City Undercover (3/18/2013)



Now people I have nothing against Legos: I’ve played with them when I was younger, I’ve watch some Lego based programing here and there, and yes I’ve even tried some of their video games. But until Lego City Undercover showed up I always saw the little plastic connectable cubes and time wasters and nothing more. A game that’s a bizarro version of Grand Thief Auto, players in Lego City Undercover takes the role of Chase McCain, an undercover cop in Lego City. His mission is to stop the criminal mastermind Rex Fury and his gang of thugs. In order to do that he must, run, race, arrest, and yes go undercover (as an famer, a construction worker a criminal himself, and more) to get the job done. All this is pretty good on its own but because this is Legos game, there is also a certain amount of humor that definitely sets themselves apart from the new games of 2013. Add to the fact that’s a Wii U exclusive, which will take advantage of that awesome next-gen goodness of the U and you got yourself probably the most original Lego video game out ever. If you have a U, pick it up this March.





Games & Gear of 2013 – Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (2/5/2013)



Excellent, some good news; the latest game in the Sly Cooper line will be out in a few days. For those not in the know the Sly Cooper is the adventures of a robin hood-ese raccoon thief who, with his anthropomorphic crew, robs from criminals and other near’ do wells to see true justice done – odd way to go about buy hey I’m all for it. After putting down more than a few crime syndicates, stopping evil and of course reclaiming their family legacy, the Thievius Raccoonus, Sly & gang enjoy a good bit of retirement after the 3rd game. However evil wins if good thieves do nothing as more and more of Sly’s ancestors are being changed from super thieves to court jesters or practice dummies. What’s one Sly to do? Easy go back in time and solve the problem. It’s been such a long time since the last game that I don’t know what to expect story wise but, you can be sure as shooting that we will stealing stuff, seeing sights, testing our skills, and having fun doing it.





This just in (Or not) – Junction Point is put on the bus



Dang it guys! What is up with 2013? For every good thing I found that coming our way this year there’s an almost equally suckyness thing that’s going on at the time. First the annihilation of THQ which was bad enough, but now I hear that Junction Point, the studio that made the too awesome for reality game Epic Mickey 2, is closing down VIA twitter post (which was removed and replaced) and confirmed on Why? Why? Well there are many factors here, and plenty of blame to go around. Lack of good advertisings, unnecessary cross platform release instead of making it a Wii U exclusive, competing with freakin Halo 4 and Assassin Creed III during their launch windows, Disney probably cutting their losses to focus on ‘other’ projects, and of course shortsighted, twitch happy, non-gamer gamers (you know who you are) who rather teabag then play a game that takes real skill to play. The Power of Two wasn’t perfect, but I’ll put this game up against any other game from last year and Two would tear it a new one every time. Junction Point doesn’t deserve to be unceremoniously removed only after, in my opinion, two superior games. When in the world did success = failure?



Junction Point this is for you. No matter where you end up, you’ll always have an ally of the Armada (Disclaimer: The Video Game Armada are not, or shall never be, Bronies – so DON’T ask).

Game Preview – Crysis 3: Beta Multiplayer





YES!!! I was waiting for this! See nearly two years ago before Crysis 2 came out the good people at Crytek and EA released a multiplayer demo for all of our enjoyment – and thanks all that is good they’re doing it again for Crysis 3. I need this especially since I’m up to here with the lame and lazy Halo 4 multiplayer (seriously an over 4 gigabyte requirement install just to play). Nearly everything in War Games is uninspired and Spartan Ops is horde mode without the fun, so yeah I’m done with that; and once I’m done with this I’m going to play the Beta Multiplayer until I forget all my troubles.  However there are a few caveats unfortunately: first the demo will be only live until Feb. 12. Also the Demo isn’t live at PSN yet (although that may change between now and hours from now), and finally once the PSN demo does become available it will be available to the PlayStation plus players first then the free players on the 30th. Sorry PS3 owns. Anywhere I’m off.





Games & Gear of 2013 – Injustice: Gods Among Us (4/16/2013)



You know people it’s odd, I’ve been watching the Injustice: Gods Among Us website so a while now and never seem to change or offer any new information there – even though they release steady amounts of information and trailers everywhere else. Well I found out that they put all there updated information on their Facebook, twitter, and YouTube accounts. Which is fine and good, but come on people if you have a website please updated it as well. Why have it if you don’t, sure it’s nice and convenient to advertise and update on popular social networks. But what if those places shut down for unknown reasons, then you’re screwed because your website has little to no info on it, and that doesn’t make any sense.  But seeing how Injustice will be out in a couple months I don’t see you guys making a website overhaul anytime soon, still a neglected website is a sad thing indeed.





This just in (Or not) – JJ Abrams is slated to direct Star Wars Episode 7


Well people you can relax, JJ Abrams is heading up the upcoming Star Wars movie. In case you all have forgotten JJ Abrams is the guy who had a hand in many successful works of fictions like Lost, the 2009 Star Trek, Fringe, and more. So fanboys don’t need to worry about Jar-Jars Binks like aliens, long arse political struggles, and emo Vader (seriously people it wasn’t that bad).  At most the only thing we got to worry about is overly convoluted plots and odd abrupt endings – which sorta sounds like the prequels actually… Never mind, I’m sure everything well be fine.


Stay tuned for more Star Wars news.




This just in (Or not) – The Stick of Truth now belongs to Ubisoft



Well people today’s news is a little bitter sweet; as we all know THQ has been going through a rather messy bankruptcy and in order to barely survive they have to sell their I.P.s (Intellectual Properties) – including the ones in development. Upcoming titles like Metro: Last Light and their developing studios are finding new homes in other video game publishers, but in my opinion THQ biggest lost so far is losing South Park: The Stick of Truth to Ubisoft (as well as THQ Montreal who had publishing rights for said game). Why? With all due respect to the current games being sold now, and those properties that will be sold in the future, South Park: The Stick of Truth will be the next great game of the year (yeah I’m calling it). Now I have nothing against Ubisoft, I love the Tom Clancy games (can wait for Rainbow 6: Patriots), but I also love THQ, a lot of my personal favs are there too (well not WWE ’13, but you know that). If THQ still had the rights to the Stick of Truth I know the success of the game would have been the shot in the arm the company needed. But now? THQ fate is still in question, again in my opinion. Let’s just they hope they don’t lose anymore, I don’t want THQ to be known as “The Hastily Quantulum” game company.


And now South Park’s greatest cultural contribution to the world:  Let’s Fighting Love. I totally watch that show.