What Santa brought me (Mini Game Review) – Pokémon White/Black Version 2



Ah yes, another Christmas down and another pile of presents to rate and review; don’t worry the ones who gave me the presents know this is all in good fun. And if the presents suck, they’ll know why. This year I stuck to games because I didn’t want anything else, which is why you all didn’t see any game reviews in the tail end of last year. However since I know these games have been out for a while now making a full review would be pointless. So like last year I’m giving Mini Game Reviews to my game gifts so you all at least know my take on them without all that analyses stuff. Anyway Pokémon White/Black Version 2 is pretty awesome. Now as a lifelong pokemanic I’m sort of obligated to play any and all things Pokémon, I even gave the card game a try. Most Pokémon games are good I’m glad to say. However when they announced the very first sequel to any Pokémon game I was interested but also worried that it would be a rehash to the original Pokémon White/Black. Well it is, but I’m glad to say that there is so much new stuff in Version 2 that it’s like a brand new game.



Set two years after the original B&W game, players take on the role of another would be trainer off to become champ. This time around you can see what happened to the Unova region after the hero from B&W defeated Team Plasma. You get to see old friends again like Cheren and Bianca; as well as old enemies like Team Plasma who are still up to their old tricks (and have seemed to trade their Knights Templar look for a Commando motif). Outside following the main story players will have a ton of optional things to do like exploration, running a mini mall, acting (w/ Pokémon of course), treasure hunting, Pokémon breeding, taking surveys, do battle in fight club style subways, and more people. Granted a lot of those things were in the original B&W as well, but in Version 2 they’re much more realized, balanced, and fun. If you like Pokémon, welcome home; if you don’t like Pokémon but like RPGs, this might actually change your mind a bit about not liking Pokémon. If you don’t like either Pokémon or RPGs then move on, there’s nothin’ to see here.








Review’s Note: The only real complain I have, not just the game but the whole series in general, is that it’s always the same thing.

Become trainer = fight gym leaders = fight elite 4 = fight champ = the end.

I would love to be a Team ‘whatever’ member, just once in one of these games. Just once…