What Santa brought me (Mini Game Review) – WWE 13



Well people if you couldn’t tell by my posts, commentary, and even a quote from the Shield’s entrance theme on this month’s quote picx (“Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta: Shield.” by the by) that I’m a wrestling fan. Been one since the tail end of the 80’s and beginning of the Attitude Era; heck I played and owned the first ‘Smack Down!’ video game for the PlayStation back in the day – and it was great! But in later days I’ve stopped getting then newer Smack Down and now WWE titles, because like Sports games, there wasn’t much change to them. The names may change but the game remains the same; so for Christmas I asked Santa to bring me ‘WWE 13’ because I wanted to see professional wrestling games are still awesome. I’m sad to say people that I’ve been gone too long.



I’m calling it now: WWE 13 is the tragic failure of the last year, I mean how can a game get everything so right but yet miss the most important part about professional wrestling… Ok the goods – the character editor is amazing, you can turn anyone into a wrestler now, entrance editor – thanks you this you can come out almost any way you want, with an edited video package you want, with any song you want, (it’s a lot of work, but still) brilliant! Technique & stats editor – makes your wrestlers fight how you want, with strengths and weakness of your own choosing. A decade of wrestlers to choose from – that’s right they not include most of the current stable of WWE superstars like John Cena, C.M. Punk, and Sheamus; but a lot of Attitude Era favorites like Mankind, The Nation, DX, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the L.O.D, and more for our playing enjoyment! So why does this game….





BECAUSE THERE IS NO STORY MODE!!! Believe what you want if you think professional wrestling is fake or not, but there’s only one reason I watch RAW, Smackdown, Main Event, Superstars, NXT, TNA Impact, and sometimes even Ring of Honor: the story. What do I care if some guy smacks another guy in the face with a steel chair, or there’s s dramatic verbal confrontation between two wrestlers? I wouldn’t. Thanks to the stuff that happens between matches and sometimes during and afterwards it gives me context for the situation & a chance you formulate my opinions of the characters involved: that’s call story. We don’t have that here, instead they gave of the history of the Attitude Era to play through and unlock characters with, which is fine if I didn’t already know the history of the Attitude Era because I lived it. Even if I didn’t, seeing as I am a big enough wrestling fan, could’ve have a bought one of the bazillion DVD on the history of the Attitude Era & Monday Night Wars! Dang it guys! This was bad enough but add to the fact that the DLC process is less than perfect (slow and even freezes in mid download), and the actual grapple combat is nothing more than a quick time event… I have no choice but to give this a failing grade. Sorry WWE, maybe next year.




It’s a sad day when I have to tell WWE they suck, especially in a reviewing capacity. However there is a silver lining, during my research I found this unused Zack Ryder WWE Theme Song. All I got to say is WTF/FTW.



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