Games & Gear of 2013 – Crysis 3 (2/19/13)



Next on the list is a sequel to an old favorite of mine. See I never played the first Crysis game (but I heard great things), however I did play the second and it was great fun despite having some control issues and a lack luster story. So when they announced Crysis 3 I was a little surprised and a lot excited. FPSes are a dime a dozen these days but so few give you the reigns to a power armor that actually makes you feel powerful. Super speed, enhanced strength, x ray vision, near invulnerability – all that’s missing is heat vision. But don’t worry, in lieu of that they give you guns of every size and variety. It’s was a beautiful thing. So with any luck not only will Crysis 3 bring back all that multiplayer awesomeness of the previous title, but also make its campaign mode actually interesting. February will be the time to find out.