What Santa brought me (Mini Game Review) – Halo 4



Ah franchises, we all love’em and/or hate’em. They define the standard we all know or the example of the things that have lived past its prime, and for me Halo is one such franchise, on both counts. The very first Halo was nirvana to gamers everywhere, never since Goldeneye (Oddjob FTW) did a FPS outside PCs impress and challenges the industry so. Thanks to its success the, then unknown gambit console, Xbox survived and in turn infused gaming with new blood which of course has brought video games to this point in the present. However with Halo sequels they reached their peak around Halo 3, what comes after are experiments and straight up lazy titles that shouldn’t have the Halo name on it. As for Halo 4? Well 343 Industries did well with the property but it’s time to face facts: Halo is obsolete.


Blasphemy! Betrayer! C.o.D. Famboy! Call me what you will but I’m sick and tired of seeing the same problem from this series and I won’t tolerated or defend it anymore. You all should know where I’m going with thi,s but I’m still going to drag it out. Is it the story I got a problem with? Nope. Set three years after the good Master Chief nuked his 2nd ring world and clam baked the flood, he was brought out of hyper sleep to not because of rescue but because of his old enemies the covenant. Why? Because his crippled ship wander into the orbit of a hollow man-made world, also known as a Dyson sphere. I won’t go further into story details but let’s just say the forerunners didn’t just lock up the Floor in their super prisons. So is it the characters that are flawed? No. I mean the Master Chief is not what I call the life of the party, but his interactions with Cortana are pretty believable and the new characters are passive. So what’s making me put my foot down on the Halo as a whole?



Final Rating



Multiplayer of course! People, I said it before in my Halo Reach review, I’ll say it again in this one: This ‘here’s two generic weapons (from seven options for main shot, three for the sub, and three nades), good luck finding better stuff on the field’ stuff is not acceptable anymore – it’s downright archaic people. I hate this, hate having to run around on the battlefield looking for the weapons I want to use while at the same time trying to do die from campers. It is stupid and only this series and Gears still do this crap. And no, they don’t get a pass for introducing new features, modes, and customizable options to multiplayer – and major flaw is still a major flaw. If I was a vindictive S.o.B. I would fail this game because, in my opinion, it is a game breaking style of play that should be done away this like time limits. However other than minor glitches in multiplayer (lag and match rebooting due to player drops), the game itself is pretty good, much better than Reach, so it Passes. But I swear if the next game’s multiplayer is still supporting this scavenger hunt style of weapon acquisition then I’m just going to play the story mode –and that’s it.




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