What Santa brought me (Mini Game Review) – Epic Micky 2: The Power of Two



Ok it may seem like I didn’t like my gifts, nothing could be farther from the truth, as much as I HATE the unbalanced gameplay and scavenging weapons on the Halo 4 multiplayer I can’t help but play it (at least until Crysis 3 😉 ). I just wish these sequel games didn’t make such annoying mistakes; they’re lazy and/or self-serving plain and simple. Thankfully Nintendo saves the day yet again with Epic Micky 2: The Power of Two (yes I know this game is available for all systems but if you’re not playing it on the Wii then you’re not playing it right). Like Pokémon White/Black Version 2, the power of two take the awesomeness of the first game and improved it about 1000%. It is a near perfect co-op platformer that is fun for your little sister, but deceptively challenging for even the most hardcore of gamers. I’m serious, the tricks to defeating some enemies and solving certain puzzles is diabolical. The game story is on par to anything else out there, and surprising dark if you want it to be. The only complaint is that the game is not as long as the first, but if you focus on the side quests before taking down the main story it will be long enough. Get this game, if you haven’t done so already, and see why Micky Mouse with a paint brush is a very dangerous thing indeed. Thank you Warren Spector, thank you



Final Rating



And thus ends the game line up I got from the Santa, again on the whole I like to these game – just some more than others. But it’s 2013 people! That means new games are just around the corner awaiting for my reviewing prowess. Stay tuned…