Trailer-Rama: Judgement & Returns


This is going to be a very special Trailer-rama today because not only do I have one fresh off the presses trailer – but two. The first one is the latest trailer of the upcoming prequel Gears of War game: Judgement. And I’ll be honest people, I’m probably not going to play this. Not because I don’t like the series, on the contrary, I found the previous titles enjoyable and ended well. However its the fact that Judgement is a prequel take that turns be off: the secret origins of Barid and all that. I really don’t care… I rather play as  Aaron Griffin, he did kind of swear vengeance on Marcus & Co. in the last game; be sort of like a Gears Thief Auto or something. But nope, more backtracking… Oh well.


I’m glad to say that the second trailer is must more awesome – I won’t spoil much but let’s just say The critical king come home.