This just in (Or not) – The Stick of Truth now belongs to Ubisoft



Well people today’s news is a little bitter sweet; as we all know THQ has been going through a rather messy bankruptcy and in order to barely survive they have to sell their I.P.s (Intellectual Properties) – including the ones in development. Upcoming titles like Metro: Last Light and their developing studios are finding new homes in other video game publishers, but in my opinion THQ biggest lost so far is losing South Park: The Stick of Truth to Ubisoft (as well as THQ Montreal who had publishing rights for said game). Why? With all due respect to the current games being sold now, and those properties that will be sold in the future, South Park: The Stick of Truth will be the next great game of the year (yeah I’m calling it). Now I have nothing against Ubisoft, I love the Tom Clancy games (can wait for Rainbow 6: Patriots), but I also love THQ, a lot of my personal favs are there too (well not WWE ’13, but you know that). If THQ still had the rights to the Stick of Truth I know the success of the game would have been the shot in the arm the company needed. But now? THQ fate is still in question, again in my opinion. Let’s just they hope they don’t lose anymore, I don’t want THQ to be known as “The Hastily Quantulum” game company.


And now South Park’s greatest cultural contribution to the world:  Let’s Fighting Love. I totally watch that show.





Trailer-Rama: BioShock Infinite Industrial Revolution Trailer


You all know BioShock Infinite is coming out March 26. Of course you do. You all know that this takes place in a Steampunk flying city where two equally crazy factions are tearing that  city a new one. Of course you do. You all know that its our job to wade through that civil war, braving the dangers of a slowly deteriorating city, and fight man made and mystical monsters to save a girl of unbelievable power. Of course you do. Did you know that if you pre-order BioShock Infinite now you can get the Industrial Revolution Pack which can boost the combat abilities of your character (as well as other interesting goodies)? Well you know now, check out the trailer.