This just in (Or not) – Junction Point is put on the bus



Dang it guys! What is up with 2013? For every good thing I found that coming our way this year there’s an almost equally suckyness thing that’s going on at the time. First the annihilation of THQ which was bad enough, but now I hear that Junction Point, the studio that made the too awesome for reality game Epic Mickey 2, is closing down VIA twitter post (which was removed and replaced) and confirmed on Why? Why? Well there are many factors here, and plenty of blame to go around. Lack of good advertisings, unnecessary cross platform release instead of making it a Wii U exclusive, competing with freakin Halo 4 and Assassin Creed III during their launch windows, Disney probably cutting their losses to focus on ‘other’ projects, and of course shortsighted, twitch happy, non-gamer gamers (you know who you are) who rather teabag then play a game that takes real skill to play. The Power of Two wasn’t perfect, but I’ll put this game up against any other game from last year and Two would tear it a new one every time. Junction Point doesn’t deserve to be unceremoniously removed only after, in my opinion, two superior games. When in the world did success = failure?



Junction Point this is for you. No matter where you end up, you’ll always have an ally of the Armada (Disclaimer: The Video Game Armada are not, or shall never be, Bronies – so DON’T ask).


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