Games & Gear of 2013 – Lego City Undercover (3/18/2013)



Now people I have nothing against Legos: I’ve played with them when I was younger, I’ve watch some Lego based programing here and there, and yes I’ve even tried some of their video games. But until Lego City Undercover showed up I always saw the little plastic connectable cubes and time wasters and nothing more. A game that’s a bizarro version of Grand Thief Auto, players in Lego City Undercover takes the role of Chase McCain, an undercover cop in Lego City. His mission is to stop the criminal mastermind Rex Fury and his gang of thugs. In order to do that he must, run, race, arrest, and yes go undercover (as an famer, a construction worker a criminal himself, and more) to get the job done. All this is pretty good on its own but because this is Legos game, there is also a certain amount of humor that definitely sets themselves apart from the new games of 2013. Add to the fact that’s a Wii U exclusive, which will take advantage of that awesome next-gen goodness of the U and you got yourself probably the most original Lego video game out ever. If you have a U, pick it up this March.