This just in (Or not) – G4 becomes Esquire… Yip pee *sarcasm*

Now your journey to the dark side is complete.

Now your journey to the dark side is complete.



Fokes, G4 has been dead and buried for a long, long time; the only thing it was missing was an ingraved tombstone. Well people that tombstone just arrived and on it’s called ‘Esquire’. A few months ago I reported that the former network for gamers was going to be rebranded as a network for ‘today’s modern man’ that will feature shows that focus on food, fashion, women, humor, travel, and competition. So Bravo Spike TV 2 then… I hate this, and everything about it. They ended their two most popular shows ‘X-play’ & ‘Attack of the Show’ and replace it with shows like ‘Knife Fight’ – an underground, after hours cooking show & ‘The Getaway’, a traveling show. I’ve already spread my vitriol about how G4 didn’t deserve its fate and how the video game culture once again gets the shaft thanks to the powers that be; so I really don’t have anything more to say but this: its stuff like this that justifies my choice to be a gamer because there isn’t anything on TV – now more than ever.


Linkara sums it up for me.

Characters of Color – Zack (Taylor) the Black Ranger



Ah yeah people, I’m taking you back to the 90’s where cartoons were good, catch phrases were plentiful, and Clinton was still in office – good times indeed. The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers took the world by storm because of the action, giant robots, and classic good v. evil stories. Well hands down the coolest, hippest, most dynamic of the original rangers is Zack Taylor a.k.a. the Black Ranger. A very enthusiastic, upbeat person; Zack was the soul of the team. Using his positivity and good humor he keeps the sprits of the other rangers high as they wage war against the evil space witch Rita Repulsa. However don’t underestimate him, as Zack is quite the accomplished martial artist. Quick and agile, he can strike opponents and almost at the same time avoids reprisals with his developed fighting style: Hip Hop Kido. Zack’s signature weapon, the power axe, gives him added power in his attacks and even wield the legendary Dragon Shield, and that doesn’t happen often power. Finally when the chips are down he can call forth the mighty Mastodon Dinozord to freeze or crush his enemies no matter the size. There have been many future rangers to wield the color, but there is only one Zack the Black Ranger.





Mini Game Review – Zombie High Vol.1

ZH vol.1


As you all know, I’m a fan of the ‘choose your own adventure story’ games, especially the ‘Wizard Choice’ smart phone games written by Sam Landstrom. Well while we all wait for Chapter 6 of the series you might want to try a new CYOA story written by Erin Foster Hartley produced by Sam himself – it’s called Zombie High Vol.1. Since the story is set in a post-apocalyptic future where zombies infest the earth (isn’t that always the way); you know players will take on the role of a B.A., no non-sense, road warrior that’s set to purify the land one zombie at a time right? Well you’re close. You actually step into the shoes of Jane Valentine, a teenage girl who about to start her first day of High School… Now before you click to something else hear me out, the story and game is not that bad. The format is very similar to Wizard Choice: to read a column of text and at the end of it make a choice out of a number of choices. Depending on what you decided, you can come out ahead or be zombie chow, seriously. Because not only to you have to fight the forces of the undead, but navigate the social pitfalls of  high school life. Will you become a jock, a nerd, a teacher’s pet, an outcast, or will you excel with every clique and impress the dreamy Tommy Fernando (and yes I’ll never say ‘dreamy’ again)? On the whole, I’ve enjoyed the read and the choices aren’t too tough if you reason it out. The only thing that bugged me about this title is that is can get a little wordy sometimes, but hey I rather have it be too long then too short. So yeah download this title and enjoy the adventures of Jane the zombie slayer today.








WTF/FTLOZ – The Harlem Shake


OK people when I first commended on Gangnam Style (never mind the pirate speak, it was talk-like-a-pirate day) I thought it was a quirky, wacky, music video that I just didn’t get (though it grew on me over time). However at least is was entertaining, at least PSY was talented, and least the Gangnam Style video was made with actually effort. The Harlem Shake, a beyond inane ‘dance’ with ‘music’, is the anti-Gangnam Style. I’m serious, it’s possible the worst thing I’ve seen (creatively) on YouTube. It is so bad I’ve had to create a new segment called WTF/FTLOZ, or What the Freak / For the Love of Zod, whose purpose is to highlight the very worst of the net – and the Harlem Shake is the inaugural subject because it’s just awful… But the scary thing is people its spreading, not only is it gaining popularity on the YouTube but people are starting to create off shoots ( a few examples below)- why, WHY! Please people stop the madness for the Love of Zod, go back and watch Gangnam Style, watch Epic Rap Battle, heck even watch the Annoying Orange Show, anything, but don’t watch or support The Harlem Shake – it is evil.




Now ‘this’ one, I like.

This just in (Or not) – The PlayStation 4 Announced



The big February meeting happened and, what a shock, Sony announced its latest console the PlayStation 4 (Someone pick up that phone, because I called it). Anywho, they haven’t shown the new system yet (outside of the ‘new controller’) nor give any details outside of being the next great gaming machine but they did release a slew of new trailers of the games coming to the systems. Some ports, other impressive exciting new entries. Check them out here, and stay tune for more news PS4 on Video Game Armada.


Game Review – Baseball Superstars 2013



Alrighty people its Baseball season once again, no not the MLB, they’re still in Spring Training or whatever. I’m talking about the newest game Baseball/RPG sim from Gamevil (horrible name by-the-by): Baseball Superstar 2013. Now if anyone ask what’s name favorite type of mobile gaming I say: “That’s ez, handheld consoles of course, because 90% of app games are pretty to look at but have nothing going on anywhere else.” However as the one true Omnigamer I play games no matter what format they’re on and I have my favorites even among app games – the Baseball Superstars series is one of them. Colorful, yet challenging brands of games that mange to entertain me – even though I wouldn’t know a RBI from an ERA. So how does BSS 2013 hold up ? Well…



It’s a ‘experience’ all right, like stubbing your toe.


The Goods: Like most apps games that are made with some effort it looks good, and BSS 2013 is especially improved. The cut scène characters look better than ever, and even move a little. Also during games, the players and the field both have some depth to them this time, so no need to squint and kind of judge where the ball might head to while you’re up to bat. Speaking of which, stating your character (whether it’s a Batter, Pitcher, or both) is also is a bit more effective in 2013. In previous games you would have to stat one attribute into oblivion before your player would show any marked improvement. Now just win some games, train hard that first year for bonus points and be lucky (more on that in the bads section) and before you know in your bet the league MVP before you retire. Like previous BSSes, 2013 has their fair share of challenges, missions, baseball related quizzes, and cut scenes to enjoy but it also includes a very light PvP – so the game can keep you busy. Finally BSS 2013 is free to download for idevices and android OSes so yeah good stuff.


The Bads: Steep as heck learning curve. Serious I’ve played almost all the BSSes before 2013 (literally and figuratively) and this current game was so mind-bending hard to figure that I was to how this game is the worst app game I’ve ever played. Fortunately my combined dogged journalist mentality and Omnigamer instincts allowed me to understand this game over and upgrade from ‘game is the worst app game I’ve ever played’ to ‘mildly annoying app game’. Why? Because they made some questionable changes that really hurt the gameplay. 1# on the list is locking down best stuff in the game unless you pay (with actual money) for it. Now I know the other games in the series offered ‘pay to use’ items too but they only gave players slight advantages in the game and you wouldn’t miss’em if they weren’t there. In 2013 all the best stuff (elite player gear, specialty super pitches/swings, player upgrades (that’s next), etc.) people have to pay for. They even have to low hangers to charge you for changing player’s name during the campaign – screw that!



The Bads (Pt.2): Another sore spot is the leveling system, like a said before its more effective stat wise than previous titles, but instead of letting us pick which stats to focus on we have to rely on the luck of the draw by picking from one of four random card. Three of those cards have predetermined stat changes and only one of the four allows us to choose where we put our stat points. So if you get the one card that has all four stat points of ‘Mental’ you’re stuck with it; oh, I’m sorry, I misspoke. I mean you can reshuffle anytime you like and try to get that non- predetermined stat change card, but only if you have  reshuffle cards. Where do you get reshuffle cards? Why you buy them with actually money of course because those are just one of the ‘pay to use’ items they have available for purchase. And if that’s not bad enough you have to upgrade two more separate times, with two other items, and those item, you guessed it can be found in the ‘pay to use’ item shop. Hopefully I’ve made my point here because I don’t to start rambling. Let’s end this.




 The Ranking




Honestly I’m being generous here, this has to be the worst game in the series not because it’s broken on the technical side or it isn’t fun to play; on the contrary it is fun to play and it is technically sound (once you actually get used to it). It’s an extreme let down because it is a obvious attempt at a greedy cash grab at the expense of a good game and that is just wrong.  Gamevil, free advice, if you want money for Baseball Superstars, charge for it like your games because your F2P model sucks bantha poodoo man. Hey if I have to buy Baseball Superstars for $10 just to have a complete, non-nerfed game so be it, it still be the cheapest game I’ll buy all year. And while I’m at it change that company name please, Gamevil is not a name, it’s a typo (I should know).




Sony to hold meeting about the future of the PlayStation tonight in New York

Tonight, Sony is holding a meeting with journalists about the PlayStation in New York City. While there is no official word of what topics the meeting will cover, it is believed one of them will address the Sony’s next-gen console, the PlayStation 4.  A source belonging to the gaming website Kotaku reports that the PS4 will be out this November in the United States. Code named, Orbis, information about the PS4’s controller (see above) was leaked last month. The VGArmada will continue to cover this story as more details surface.