The Groundhog has spoken… (2013)

Groundhog-Day 2013


Snow, rain, sun, repeat… Yeah this winter is weird, first you get sunny days  clear skies and green grass so you think the next day you can break out the shorts right. Wrong because the next day there’s snow everywhere, cloudy as heck, and wind chills in the negative numbers. So then you think it’s time to bundle up the next day, nope, because its now raining like it was going out of style, effectively turning the snow into mush, the ground into mud , and your heavy winter into a heavier winter washcloth. I didn’t envy Punxsutawney Phil job today I tell you what, and he decreed:

And so ye faithful,

there is no shadow to see

An early Spring for you and me.


So yeah early Spring this year, I would usually complain because I like winter; but I’ll just be happy for stable weather for a few couple of weeks.


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