This just in (Or not) – The Olympics wants to eliminate Wrestling from the games (BOOOO!!! – Oh the crowd didn’t like that Jim)



Ladies and Gentleman most of the staff of the Armada are hardcore wrestling fans, yes we admitted it, let’s the arrows fall where they may. A truer sport you won’t find because wresting requires strength, speed, intelligence, endurance, and a passion to keep you driving forward. And all of that’s even before you add all the pyrotechnics, steel chairs, and champion belts. By the inferno people Greco-Roman style wrestling was one of the founding events of the original Olympics. Well if the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has their way this proud legacy sport will be gone from the games for good. It is beyond the reasoning of many, including the people here at Armada, why wresting is on the chopping block while, let’s just admitted here people, lesser sports like horseback riding and freaken badminton are still on the card. IOC claims this decision is to keep the sports on the Olympic “relevant to sports fans of all generations”. I call shenanigans on this because, no matter what side of the discussion you’re on personally, pro-wrestling is a force that has legions of fans across the world. The stories, rivalries, and colorful personalities are great, but if you take wrestling out of pro-wrestling all you have left is boring melodramas without soul – so yeah wrestling is relevant.


All is not lost however; wrestling can still make it if they get chosen as an ‘additional sport’ by the committee in September. Its competition also vying for the spot is baseball/softball, karate, roller sports, sport climbing, squash, wakeboarding and wushu so it looks very likely it will make it. Fortunately many campaigns, wrestling promotions, and organizations are fighting back as we speak to not only get it on as the addition sport for the 2020 Summer Olympics’ but  have wrestling returned as a standard event for all future game – as it should be. The Video Game Armada will also do its part as well by added the hash tag: # wrestling is relevant to twitter. Come on people, fight for your right to suplex today!