Mini Game Review – Zombie High Vol.1

ZH vol.1


As you all know, I’m a fan of the ‘choose your own adventure story’ games, especially the ‘Wizard Choice’ smart phone games written by Sam Landstrom. Well while we all wait for Chapter 6 of the series you might want to try a new CYOA story written by Erin Foster Hartley produced by Sam himself – it’s called Zombie High Vol.1. Since the story is set in a post-apocalyptic future where zombies infest the earth (isn’t that always the way); you know players will take on the role of a B.A., no non-sense, road warrior that’s set to purify the land one zombie at a time right? Well you’re close. You actually step into the shoes of Jane Valentine, a teenage girl who about to start her first day of High School… Now before you click to something else hear me out, the story and game is not that bad. The format is very similar to Wizard Choice: to read a column of text and at the end of it make a choice out of a number of choices. Depending on what you decided, you can come out ahead or be zombie chow, seriously. Because not only to you have to fight the forces of the undead, but navigate the social pitfalls of  high school life. Will you become a jock, a nerd, a teacher’s pet, an outcast, or will you excel with every clique and impress the dreamy Tommy Fernando (and yes I’ll never say ‘dreamy’ again)? On the whole, I’ve enjoyed the read and the choices aren’t too tough if you reason it out. The only thing that bugged me about this title is that is can get a little wordy sometimes, but hey I rather have it be too long then too short. So yeah download this title and enjoy the adventures of Jane the zombie slayer today.








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