This just in (Or not) – G4 becomes Esquire… Yip pee *sarcasm*

Now your journey to the dark side is complete.

Now your journey to the dark side is complete.



Fokes, G4 has been dead and buried for a long, long time; the only thing it was missing was an ingraved tombstone. Well people that tombstone just arrived and on it’s called ‘Esquire’. A few months ago I reported that the former network for gamers was going to be rebranded as a network for ‘today’s modern man’ that will feature shows that focus on food, fashion, women, humor, travel, and competition. So Bravo Spike TV 2 then… I hate this, and everything about it. They ended their two most popular shows ‘X-play’ & ‘Attack of the Show’ and replace it with shows like ‘Knife Fight’ – an underground, after hours cooking show & ‘The Getaway’, a traveling show. I’ve already spread my vitriol about how G4 didn’t deserve its fate and how the video game culture once again gets the shaft thanks to the powers that be; so I really don’t have anything more to say but this: its stuff like this that justifies my choice to be a gamer because there isn’t anything on TV – now more than ever.


Linkara sums it up for me.


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