Games & Gear of 2013 – Snipe Elite V2 Wii U version (5/25/2013)



Now this wasn’t originally on the list for this year; however a Game Stop employee swore up & down that Sniper Elite V2 was good game – and soon it will making its debut on the Wii U. For what I can tell players take on the role of OSS officer who is trying to rescue or recruit individuals involved with a doomsday weapon: V-2 ballistic missile. The hook is that you’re inverse Rambo; instead of causing chaos and destruction up close and personal – you specialize in long distance kills, traps and ambushes. After all why risk bodily harm trying to get your target when you can take them out a 100m away. But you say: “Aww… Sniping no fun, you can’t get adreniln pumping that way.” Well you’re wrong because Sniper Elite V2 has ‘X-Ray kill cam’ with gives you the graphic point-by-point details of what happens when a 7.62x67mm bullet enters and exit a body at terminal velocity (spoilers – its awesome! See below). Add to the fact that this game will be powered by the next gen greatness of the Wii U and those who were late to the party might have the last laugh. I just hope the guy wasn’t trying to up sale me.






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