This just in (Or not) – SimCity’s success = an unexpected oversight



Yeah if you haven’t been paying much attention the 2013 version of SimCity was a huge success and I’ll add my own praise and criticisms tomorrow but for today I wouldn’t be during my job if I didn’t report the news about biggest thing the about the game currently: basically not being able to play the game due to over crowing. See SimCity is a PC game that is part of Origin, EA’s game service. When you log on you log on to it to play the game and access the servers that contain the players created sim regions and cities. So what happens when tens of thousands of excited and wanting the play players (myself included) try to play a game that requires the use of Origin’s limited number of servers (whether to play by yourself or not) roughly at the same time? I bet you already guessed. So yeah a lot of SimCity mayors up and down the world is playing the waiting in queue line instead and yeah they weren’t happy about it. Me? I expected it, so no big thing, but I would like to add this sort of thing rarely happen with consoles *smirking, not hiding the fact he’s a console fanboi*. Fortunately EA/Maxis has been working hard to fix the problem, apologizing up and down, and even offering free EA games to those mainly affected in the beginning. As of today I’ve been fine logging in so they must be meeting the demand and will be queue-free very soon, if you out there are still having trouble I sympathize, but it’s well worth the wait.





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