Trailer-Rama Week – Borderlands 2: Mayhem Approaches


Now don’t get me wrong fokes, I like Salvador the Gunzerker. I like his attitude, I like is zest for life, and most importantly, love how he mows downs legions of baddies with two high powered weapons. However I’ve always been that guy who clubbed you with a gun more often than shooting you with it. Seriously most of my confirmed killed in FPSes are either melee or knife, what can I say I’ll always bring a knife to a gun fight (which is odd because I could never use a shotgun worth a fudd). The point is the Gunzerker was the closest class I could find that fit my close quarter combat style – til now. In this next DLC we get another vault hunter who saves his ammo by turning enemies into red mist the ol’ fashion way – by Hulk smashing them. Yay! Sadly we won’t know anymore until Pax East but just by watching this trailer it shows you all important stuff about the character.


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