Trailer-Rama Week – Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods


BioShock Infinite isn’t the only legacy I.P. coming out this month. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is releasing in theaters (in glorious IMAX no less) on March 30. This film is awesome for many different reasons: for one the man himself Akira Toriyama had a direct hand in this so you know it will good. The film is also the story of the lost years after the Majin Buu saga but before GT so it expands the DBZ mythos and thus the good DB stuff as a whole. Finally it seems like the whole Dragon Ball cast will play a part in this epic which if you know about the cast as much as I do then it going to be quite a show indeed. I can only see it getting better if the DBZ abridge guys would do their thing right after the movie. Now the only down side is that this film is only going to be released in Japan on the 30th (as I said before). But it’s only a matter of time before it makes its way worldwide and then we all can enjoy the beauty of giant death beams, dog faced deities, and lots and lots of yelling.





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