Game Review – Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon



Mario, Mario, Mario. It’s always been about Mario; well not anymore because Nintendo has proclaimed 2013 as the Year of Luigi starting with this: Luigi’s Mansion – Dark Moon, the sequel to the Gamecube title Luigi’s Mansion. In that game Luigi took a starting role as reluctant ghost hunter to, with the help of Professor E. Gadd and his Poltergust 3000, save Mario from ghosts in a semi creepy mansion. He does and gets a house out the deal, nice. This time around the valley of ‘Evershade’ is in trouble because some malevolent force destroyed the Dark Moon, which kept the ghosts there in check. Now they’re out of control and since the good professor only knows one ghost hunter he bring Luigi back into service –  much to Luigi’s everlasting fear.



Dark Moon is very similar to the original game as Luigi can capture ghosts using a combination of flashlight (to weaken ghosts), dark light (to find them) and sweeper (with the new Poltergust 5000 to capture or contain them). However the 5000’s dark light & suction capacities can be upgraded to better effectiveness. Not stuck in a mansion this time around (although you do start there) Luigi takes his ghost busting ways all over the valley capturing ghosts, unearthing treasures (you’ll need them for the upgrades), solving puzzles and most importantly finding pieces of the Dark Moon to put it back together again. Controlling wee-gee on the 3DS is a little different, but after a few levels you’ll get the hang of it – or run screaming to your mama.







This is why I prefer portable game console games over app games: complete, thought-out game experience and not some extremely repetitive process. Dark Moon is the total gaming package backed up with the awesome power of the 3DS (which the game looks great on by the by); variety of ghosts to test your skills on (both new and old), puzzles that was rack your brain on, treasures to get your bling on, boss fights to get on (your nerves – in a good way), heck it even has various co-op and online modes to show your friends who’s the best buster in the yard is. Some control issues aside Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is a real winner and a fun light hearted adventure with Luigi. Tomorrow’s review is the one long awaited game that’s may change the face storytelling – that’s right Club Penguin’s Puffle Hotel Grand Opening.