Wanted! Alive and Localized – Dragon Quest X



You know when I (and many gamers) made the call to bring Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 5 to the rest of the world – Capcom wisely listened. Not only was it was a pretty neat cause and effect but it gave me the idea for a new segment called: Wanted! Alive and Localized. Where I make an impassionate plea to make certain awesome games available worldwide, like today subject Dragon Quest X. Now I’ll be honest here, the Dragon Quest series of games, at most, I’ve played once in a while. In fact the only games in the series I played were DQ VI (I think) & IX so I’m in no way an authority. However as a gamer of good standing I’ve come to find those two games were proof enough for me that Dragon Quest X would be good to localize. The DQ games are unique for both uphold the transitional RPG ways, but at the same time forward-thinking by trying something new every new sequel. What did Dragon Quest X do differently? Well besides being one of the first RPGs to be on a next gen (Wii U) game console but they took the leap and went MMO. Now, now, I hear the rabble now: “Consoles MMOs sucks” and/or “DQ X is not doing well.”



Yes, yes MMOs on consoles don’t generally do well, but if there’s one time tested property that could make a console MMO work it would be SquareEnix (so long as Final Fantasy has nothing to do with it we’ll be ok). As for the game itself not doing well in Japan, that’s not because the game is bad, but because new MMOs has a tough time breaking through when there are so many MMOs out already. It’s probably going to take months before this one gains any steam – all the more reason why Dragon Quest X should be localized: more markets, more players, more money. Despite the few things set against it I’m pretty sure this title will hit the world at large sooner rather than later; if for nothing else to give people a new game to play on the Wii U with. But hey I don’t care the reason as long as we get it:


SquareEnix: “Well Dragon Quest X will hit the European and North American markets to appease the cosmic entity Cthulhu.”

Me: “You said we’re getting Dragon Quest X?

SquareEnix: “Yes.”

Me: “Sweet.”